App Miauw Vertalen (Nov 2020) Beware Cat Owners! >> Do you want to understand your cat? Then, explore this article to know more!  

App Miauw Vertalen: Do you own a cat and wish you could converse with them sometimes? Well, that wasn’t a real thing until now. The Netherlands has come up with an artificial intelligence app that can recognize a cat’s voice. Yes, you read that correctly; scientists from America and Russia are still working on a proper app that can make possible the conversation with cats. Until then, we have an alternative.

What is Miauw Vertalen?

In simple words, it is a cat’s translator, App Miauw Vertalen or Meow, talk that can convert your cat’s meow into words or sentences that they are trying to say. The app is still under maintenance, and currently, it can recognize only thirteen sentences. It includes fundamental talks like ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘I want to take a nap.’

These are mainly basic things like ‘Feed me’ or ‘Leave me alone’. Cat’s don’t have any language, unlike the human across the world including Netherlands, so their certain tones are rude. It is advisable not to use the app in front of kids as some slang could be upsetting.

Who discovered the cat talking app?

App Miauw Vertalen was discovered by Javier Sánchez, the former engineer at Amazon and present project manager at tech company Avelon. He got this super innovative idea from the NPR series “the secret language of cats”. He utilized his experience working for amazon’s Alexa on a cat’s translator app, and it is quite successful.

According to Sánchez, cats doesn’t communicate in the language or share words. They never meow out in nature. They often have nine different intentions expressing the cat’s moods when they meow at you.

How does the app work?

App Miauw Vertalen or meow talk has twelve translations to choose from. It mostly includes likely meanings such as “I’m hungry”, “take me out,” or “hello,” etc.; they have a default translation that plays when the app fails to recognize the cat’s meow. The default translation “I’m in love” is quite pleasing. Once you use the app, it gets trained; it better matches the cat’s sound.

Believe it or not, it is an exciting app to encounter if you are a cat owner. According to Javier Sanchez, an app like this could help owners bond more with their cats, especially when they couldn’t spend more time with them.

It could also be given to the caretakers or nannies so that they could understand your cat’s needs at the time and take care of them properly.

Is the app worthy?

With more than 1000000 downloads, this app is a useful and fun app to get. It’s certainly a fun way to connect with our furry friends and understand them.With increasing everyday data in the app’s downloads, we arerecommending all the cat owners to try the app.

Where can I get the cat translating app?

The App Miauw Vertalen is available for android and iOS owners both. If you are an Android owner, you cat the app from the google play store and register yourself on it. Similarly, you can download the app from the Apple app store as well.

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