Crewlink Among Us (Dec 2020) A New Gameplay! >> Want to know more about the new proximity voiced chat mod of Among Us? Read the article.  

Are you fed up with the primary charting mode of Among Us? Or are you fed up with using the third-party applications for this proximity voice chat system? Well, we have good news for you!

Did you hear about the Crewlink Among Us mode on the Internet? Yes. But don’t know what it is. 

The worldwide famous US game will now support the Voice Chat mode without any requirement of a third-party application. Please read the whole article carefully, because we will also be telling you about the complete step by step process of setting up this new mode. 

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What is Among Us?

Among us is one of the worldwide known games for the year 2020. Initially released on 15 June 2018 by Inner Sloth, the game received all the buzz during the Cover 19 pandemic when people were asked to self-quarantine in their homes. 

This game talked about in Crewlink Among Us is set in a vast outer spaceship with separate rooms and a map guide with every player. The players or users only get either of the two roles: a crewmate or an imposter. The crewmates work as a team to fill the taskbar of the crew and at the same time look out for the imposter. An imposter has a role to fake an identity of a crewmate and secretly kill them. The game ends when the imposter gets caught, or all the crewmates are killed. 

The players can report dead bodies and hold meetings to discuss the imposter. All the players gather and chart by typing the messages using abbreviations to make it easier. Right now, the game does not support any inbuilt voice chat system, unlike other popular games. 

What is Crewlink Among Us?

Ottomated tweeted on 21 November 2020 to declare the Proximity Voice Chat mode release for among us. A complete guide with a video tutorial on the official YouTube channel of Ottomated was posted, which you can also find on under the name of setup instructions. 

You may follow the following instructions to set up Crewlink on your computer: 

  • Download the latest exe file from (go to and search Ottomated and then select CrewLink)
  • Install the mod (It takes only a few seconds).
  • Run or launch Among Us through CrewLink by clicking on “open game” on the interface.

Ensure that you have installed the latest beta version of the game because only this version is supported. Also, ensure that every player in the crew must have this set up for the voice chat mode to work. 

The only drawback of Crewlink Among Us is that it is only available for computers and not smartphones.

Is it safe to use?

After looking at any new trendy thing, the first thing that strikes our mind is whether that thing is safe to use or not. Well, we would like to make this crystal clear that Crewlink is legit and safe to use. There is no harm, and you will have a different experience while using this mode among us. It is unlikely. Third-party applications where the risks are usually high. 

Customer Reviews:

We could not find any descriptive user review of the same. However, we did find various Youtubers who have put the videos while using proximity Voice Chat mode by Ottomated. As far as we know, until now, there have been only minor issues faced by the users, and luckily the developers at Ottomated are showing full support by answering all questions and doing some basic troubleshooting. 

If you have tried this on your computer, then do let us know in the comments section below about your experience and suggestions about the same. 

Final verdict:

Crewlink Among Us mentioned the steps to download and set up the new proximity Voice Chat mode in among us developed by automated. It is free to use and will provide a different experience to you during the game. Movies about you will feel more engaged and entertained after using it. 

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