(Dec 2020) Safe Or Not? >> In this article, we will learn about a platform that offers your digital currency and know how legit it is.

Does the idea of earning digital currency excites you, but you feel scared of getting trapped in cyber fraud? can be one of the simplest ways you can make money.

You might have heard many people from the Philippines, United Kingdom, United States about earning easy digital gift money or cash by making minimal efforts. Many people refer to it as easy money. 

The digital currency has been in the market for a long time, and even though you can earn it quite quickly, there are many drawbacks to getting into the digital world. Since everything is entirely digital, there are many hackers present in the field. 

This specific report will help you with prescribed steps on how you can earn exciting cashouts using

What is is an online platform that is recently launched on 4th December 2020 and is an extended version of Robux. Since this website is just a few days old, it is still under development. 

Hence when you try to click on the above, it will avert you back to’s website, yet another extension of robux. 

With robux, you can earn digital gift cards, coins, and cashouts, which you can use to buy stuff online like gadgets, cosmetic services, spa, gaming accessories, etc. 

There are many contests held daily in which you can participate and earn exciting rewards and cashback. 

Steps to earn from

To earn digital cashouts from, follow the given instructions:

  1. Click on
  2. Press the topmost sign-in button 
  3. Fill up the registration form 
  4. Download mobile app 
  5. Complete the given simple task and earn points 
  6. You can cash out the earned points
  7. Cash-out will be in the form of gift cards and vouchers. 

How to avoid being scammed? 

There is no such thing as easy cash-out; everything comes with a risk of losing everything. Cash can never be earned without hard work or without taking a risk. Thousands of hackers are using as their trap to fool you.

We would advise you never to share your credentials online since it’s a digital currency; there is no point in sharing your bank details. Also, it is beneficial to use robust anti-virus software for your system and mobile phones. 

Customers views on 

Customers seem to be satisfied with this digital currency platform; many have shared their positive feedback online. 

Many customers have shared their stories of how they could easily earn from this platform and buy their desired stuff. 

Final Verdict: 

There is nothing wrong with getting extra earnings, but it is essential to know your limits and control your greed. has helped people to earn extra cash-out, but the platform is prone to hackers and cybers frauds. With some extra care and precaution, the platform is safe to enjoy exciting tasks and earn gift cards. Comment below and share your experience earning digital cash.

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