Clout Earn Scam 2020
Clout Earn Scam (Nov) Quick Money Online, But Scam! >> The article is about a survey website that offers rewards and cash in return after completing the survey.

The Internet is one of the best facilities that provide us to purchase, search, and explore the world on fingertips. It is an easy way for money transactions or to find out places where we want to visit. 

Sometimes, the facilities become a negative point for us, like scam websites where people lost their money by purchasing fake products. In this article, we will talk about whether – Is Cloutearn Legit or not.

The website is registered in the United States and meant to be a survey website where they take customers’ viewpoints about the product like what they like, how they spend the day, which product is right, and many such things. In a survey like this, a website offers some small amount in return for the questions and answers.

So, let’s discuss more about such a website name Cloutearn and also identify the Clout Earn Scam.

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What is Clout Earn?

Clout Earn is an online survey website just like any other survey website where if a visitor visits and participates in the survey, he/she will get a reward in return. But for that, they have to make an account on the website, which is free to make. In the registration form, you have to fill up all the details like Name, contact number, address, email id, and bank account information.

During our research of the Clout Earn Scam,we found lots of other information about the website also like they offer real money in return if a visitor completes the survey and do all the informed task. This website has been gaining massive popularity in the United States.

But whether it Is Cloutearn Legit or not can only be verified if we view and examine the customer’s review. Most websites like this get completed the visitors’ task and do not pay any rewards in return. 

It is the most common case that we have seen till now. They all create propaganda to involve more people to bring out the profit they are looking. There are several such scam websites who fool people like this only.

How do they work?

Cloutearn also follows the same pattern that most of the survey website follows like:

  • They will activate your account and will send a confirmation message about the activation of the account.
  • You will be asked to participate in the survey whenever it is available
  • When you participate in the survey, it may be of different types
  • They may ask you to download particular applications
  • You will be asked to complete a survey based on simple question and answers
  • You will be asked to visit a particular website and to comment on any post.
  • They will also ask you to share this survey with you 5 or 10 friends and ask them to download the particular application.
  • They may also ask you to purchase paid applications.

What are customers saying about this survey website?

To verify any website, one of the easiest ways is to search for its customer reviews. It is the best way to recognize any website’s legitimacy. 

In this case, we also tried to research and find out the customer reviews, and we found a few reviews on the website and a few on some other pages. The reviews available on the website seem fake because they have given and posted all the positive remarks. 

But when we try to find out the real comments, we found that those who participated in the survey never paid.

We felt that the talk about Clout Earn Scam is real, and they do not endorse any legitimate task or survey in favor of the people. Some of the visitors also mentioned that they want to capture the visitors’ details so that they can sell it for marketing purposes to any third party.

Is Cloutearn Legit?

We don’t find any point that mentions it as a trusted website, the visitors complain, and the doubtful pattern of offering survey denotes that it is a scam website, and it is not legit.


According to our study and analysis about the website, we don’t find any legit cause to declare it a authentic website because it is legit, then why the victim visitors would complain about it. As per our point of view, Clout Earn Scam talk is correct, and it is not a legit website to earn any rewards or money.

You can also share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Is Clout Earn Scam {Nov 2020} Is Cloutearn Legit”
  1. It’s definitely a scam because I did everything required and I cashed out and got a date to be paid which is today 10/16/20 and the money is no where in site. I keep trying to call someone who is supposed to be my “account manager” and no response.

  2. Yeah they told me i made over 12k and id like to meet the owner of this website because its been a whole month and i have not been paid. Owner said to be in Germany? Im looking to sue for my time invested.

  3. They are a total
    scam they even give a payment day and confirmation this. site needs to be shut down they lie to people get you to do all these tasks and dont pay up

  4. I was supposed to receive my payment today & I tried to contact my “account manager ” but no response I wasn’t to much excited about it because I felt that it was a scam.

  5. It’s a scam as the others have stated. I completed all task. Spent alot of time to get my task done to get paid. Only to not receive my money. My account manager is never available via Skype because that’s the only option they give you. And in the chat section it keeps saying it’s down for maintenance. I’m definitely upset about my time invested and did not receive payment that I worked for

  6. This site is definitely a scam. I was exited to be earning the money for dentist bill and then I find out it is a scam. Don’t waste your time folks. Just sinful to get people’s hopes up in 2020. We have already had such a bad year

  7. I would also like to find out how to use them for my wasted time and emotional damages. My story is exactly da same as everyone else’s. I was planning to use da money dat was owed to me to rent a bigger apartment so my kids could come stay with me. Needless to say myself and the kids were let down after getting our hopes up. Something needs to b done to these people so dat they cannot continue to scam innocent people.

  8. It is a scam do not waste your time on it
    You cannot cash out even after completing all the tasks.
    Is a fucking scam…

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