Aulavirtualie Edu Com {Oct} Is It a Good Site or Not? -> Find out about a virtual training program that helps education facilitators learn about virtual learning platforms.

Are you curious to find out about the virtual classroom and training program that aims to educate educators? If that is the case, then continue reading on.  

Teachers are enquiring about Aulavirtualie Edu Com as the Dominican Republic education departments have announced a virtual training program designed especially for teachers. 

The pandemic has changed the way educators and students interact. Instead of a traditional classroom setup, individuals have to use virtual platforms to communicate. 

To ensure that the teachers can do their best, the Ministry of Education in the country decided to develop a training program that helps educators understand the online platforms. 

What is this all about?

The training program from Aulavirtualie Edu Com is aimed at education facilitators. The primary goal of this virtual classroom and training program is to help teachers gain an in-depth understanding of the virtual classroom setup

The program helps teachers learn about the various ways to tackle the challenges of online learning. The ongoing pandemic has forced teachers and students to use virtual platforms for learning. It is essential for teachers to have a hang of these platforms to help the students. 

That is why government organizations collaborated to create a training program that helps facilitators like teachers and directors learn about online learning. The goal of this program is to inform facilitators about the various online learning platforms. 

Things to know about it: 

  • It is a collaborative effort by MINERD (Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic) and INAFOCAM (National Institute for Teacher Education and Training). 
  • It is a training program that guides teachers and education facilitators about the virtual classroom.
  • The training program is of 46 hours. 
  • Participants need to dedicate at least two hours per day. 
  • The aim of this training program by Aulavirtualie Edu Com is to train teachers about the virtual platforms. 
  • The course is for teachers (of all subjects), directors of schools, and pedagogical coordinators.
  • The course provides guidelines and helps participants strategize to tackle various challenges of online learning. 

Who should know about it?

Everyone who is an educator should be aware of this training program. Whether you’re a teacher in high school or the director of a school offering virtual classes of students of all age groups, you should be aware of the training program by Aulavirtualie Edu Com

What are people saying about it? 

We found posts online in which teachers are eager to know about this training program. Many people appreciate the joint effort of the government organizations for creating a training program that guides teachers and educators. 


The program offers teachers and directors an opportunity to learn about the virtual learning platforms that they’re supposed to use for educating students. The program that lasts for 46 hours requires the participant to dedicate just 2 hours on a daily basis. 

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