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Zoom Error Code 1054 (Dec 2020) Fix It! >> Are you tired of a repeated error that occurs on your communication application? Please read this article to know more about it!  

Are you facing the Zoom Error Code 1054? Can’t find a way to fix this?If you want to know more about this error and want to fix this, then you’re reading the correct article! Amid pandemic, the zoom is amongst those used by every working individual and in schools. But there is this error constantly surfacing among the users from the United Kingdom, the United States, and India. Some are getting confused about it, so we have made this article for them.So continue to read to find out how to fix this and why the error keeps on repeating.

What is the error about?

The Zoom Error Code 1054 is regarding the sign-in option; many users have complained that they can’t sign in to their account and have to use the forget password option every time they face this issue.The users also said that they remember their password, but they can’t sign in to their account, and they are forced to use the ‘forgot password’ option.There are also complaints saying that this error keeps on re-occurring within a given period. Now that we know what the issue is let us find out what is causing the error.

What is the reason behind Zoom Error Code 1054?

The main issue is the password; it is recorded that after every 30 days, there are issues with the password. The fact is that Zoom has set this as a default in every account.After every 30 days, the users will have to change the password, and if the users haven’t changed, this error will appear. Zoom has done this for security purposes, and the password will expire after 30 days.As more people joining zoom, each user’s security has also increased as there are chances that hackers might hack Zoom accounts. 

What are other alternatives to avoid this error?

There is no avoiding Zoom Error Code 1054, and this is a security measure that all users have to change their Zoom account passwords compulsorily. There are easy ways to handle this new security option.Zoom has an option for users to set an expiration alarm for 30 days also for 60 days and can go up to 90 and 120 days.

How can the password be changed?  

It is effortless to change the password; follow the below steps.

  • Browse the Zoom website or go to the app if you’re using your phone.
  • When you see a sign-in option, select that, and below, there will be a ‘forgot password’ option.
  • To avoid the Zoom Error Code 1054, enter your linked email address, and Zoom will send a link to that email.
  • After receiving the link, click on it; this will redirect you to enter a new password.


In the article, we have enlightened our readers about the error and why it is caused. Also, steps to reset your password are mentioned.We hope this article helped you’ll and please mention your comments in the comment section below.

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