Youngest MLB Player to Hit 500 Home Runs (Oct) Know More! >> The article, as mentioned below, became ever player to score 500 home runs.

Youngest MLB Player to Hit 500 Home Runs: Well, there is something that captivates everyone attention from the last couple of days and become a claim to the fame. It is the mere mention of the word ‘Home run’. So, read on to know about this interesting topic as people get flabbergasted what happens among Major League Baseball.  

Well, if this word excited you as much as it excites us, then we have this news from the United States for you. 

Alex Rodriguez became the first player.

Yes, you read that right. Alex Rodriguez is the youngest player in the history of the significant league who score 500 home runs. He left the pitch victorious. Well, this is one victory that he must feel proud of becoming the Youngest MLB Player to Hit 500 Home Runs

What was the result of the match?

He stood in the home plate for the second position. His first ever inning seemed to be fair. After he saw the ball landing in the seats, his hands got thrown up in the air as the crowd cheered him on. The crowd at Yankee Stadium seemed to be excited.

What happened after reaching the plate?

For Youngest MLB Player to Hit 500 Home Runsafter he touched the plate, he embraced Derek Jeter as well as Bobby Abreu. 

Both of them counted on the landmark home run and then there was a kiss blown across the field. It seemed like there was an embracing session which seemed to be going on in the field as he hugged most of the players on his way back.

After this, the crowd seemed excited again as A-rod got the head out as there was an end to it. The crowd again got the levels of excitement high. There was a lot of talks about this ever since Alex scored his 499th home run. 

It was eight days later than his 32nd birthday that he got the chance to celebrate the victory becoming the Youngest MLB Player to Hit 500 Home Runs.

What was Rodriguez reaction to the home run?

Rodriguez mentioned that being a kid, he never thought that he would ever hit a home run. It is such an irony that he is already 500 home runs old.

When did he score the 500 home runs?

The 500 home runs got through when he played his 1855th game. There were only two players that had a lesser number of games needed to reach to this place and becoming the Youngest MLB Player to Hit 500 Home Runs

Also, being a Yankee, he is the third-ever player to score such a spectacular feat. It was Babe Ruth who hit 500th home run back in 1929. At the same time, Mickey Mantle was the second one to chase this dream against Baltimore in the year 1967.

Final Conclusion

Thus, it must be a proud moment for Alex Rodriguez, who scored his spectacular 500 home runs and became the youngest one ever to achieve this feat. We wish him all the best and hope that he smashes more such records in the future as well. 

We praise him for becoming the Youngest MLB Player to Hit 500 Home Runs.

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