yoodays reviews (Jan 2021) Is It A Scam? >> Are you looking for some deals on women’s clothing? Then, check out the post below to know its genuineness.    

Are you wondering about yoodays.com? Let’s check out some yoodays reviews and see what customers have to say about this website. There are thousands of fake websites daily launched in CanadaAustralia, and the United States. The majority of these counterfeit websites sell clothing items; with an exciting homepage and creative and beautiful, it is hard to rule out a phony site. Hence, this report will help you with significant steps so that you can figure out a website is legit or not. 

What is yoodays.com?

Yoodays.com is 2+ months old e-commerce website that focuses on women’s clothing and accessories. Some of the website’s products are Jumpsuits, Sweaters, Cardigans, Socks, Dresses, Tops, Earrings, Rings, Boots, Skirts, Belts, Bags, Sweatshirts, Pendant, Shovels, Gloves, Hats, Lingerie, and home goods. The site offers $50 off on a $299 and $30 off on a purchase of $149. Also, there are many exciting discounts offers available on the site. The site’s product range is quite exciting, and there is a very detailed size chart on the clothing item. The HTTP security protocol protects the site, and signing- into newsletter services will help you stay updated with the new discount offers and upcoming sales. The website does have a social media account, but there are minimal number of yoodays reviews available online. 

Specifications of yoodays.com:

  • Product Type: Clothing and specification
  • Website link: https://yoodays.com/
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: Not Offered 
  • Address: Suite 31a, Philpot House, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7HH
  • Shipping Charge: Free Shipping for $129
  • Delivery Time: 23-30 Days(America), 17-23 Days(Europe), 20-25 Days(Canada), 17-23 Days(Australia)
  • Cancellation: Within 24 Hours from purchase
  • Return / Exchange: 15 Days 
  • Refund: Soon once the order is initiated
  • Mode of Purchase: PayPal, Credit Card

Pros of shopping from yoodays.com:

  • Elegant product available in stock 
  • 15 Return Policy available 
  • 24-hour cancellation offer
  • The site offers you a fast refund
  • SSL Protected payment gateway
  • Heavy discounts available on products
  • Newsletter services provided by the site
  • Social media accounts present 
  • User-friendly site interface

Cons of shopping from yoodays.com:

  • Majority of negative yoodays reviews
  • Loopholes in the refund policy
  • Customers are liable to return the product at their expense
  • No contact number provided by the site
  • The site shares data with third-party
  • Product image seems copied 
  • No order tracking system available. 

Is yoodays.com Legit?

The website does not provide the customer care number for its consumers in case of queries or complaints. The product prices are meager, and the site seems to give an exceptionally massive discount on the already low price range. The website does offer an immediate refund and return option, but there are many conditions applied to the policy, and only selected items can be returned.Also, customers have to pay the return shipping cost. We found the majority of yoodays reviews disappointing. 

Also, we found that the listed products do not have multiple pictures with different angles so that the customer can correct the product’s look. The product pictures seem to be copied and cropped into other pieces. The site is registered under the company CHICV UK LIMITED, and the company has received many consumer complaints online. The website does have social media accounts, but we couldn’t find any tabs on the official site. 

What are yoodays reviews?

We found that customers are disappointed with the services offered by the website. Many comments available on the site’s social media stated that the website is a scam and others should stay away from it. Many comments related to the inquiry, but there was no sufficient response from the creators or the staff. Customers have clearly warned others not to shop from this website. On their website, many suspicious pointers were noticed by the other reviewing website. The site seems safe to browse online. 

Final Word:

Finally, we would like to say that the website is exceptionally new and needs a lot of work to attain customers’ trust. We would not recommend you to shop on this website. The best you can do is to look for familiar products from the more trusted website. The website has many hidden conditions in its policy section. If, unfortunately, you have bought from this website and looking for a refund, we would recommend you raise a refund issue in PayPal to get your refund for sure. We hope we were able to provide you our unbiased views. Please comment below and share your yoodays reviews

4 thoughts on “yoodays reviews (Jan 2021) Is It A Scam?”
  1. Thanks so much for your review. I have ordered from other sites and the clothes are so horrible and not wearable. Problem I have had is you can’t return because they come from China and they won’t pay to returns! Just terrible. These clothes look too goo to be true.

  2. I didn’t see the reviews before I ordered! My order is on its way ( they sent shipped on 1/6/21) I have used the tracking system provided, and it seems to be working. I checked it this morning ( was waiting on customs in China) the USPS says ” shipping label created, awaiting shipment” so I guess we wait! I’ll
    Provide a review when I know more

  3. This company is not a total scam but sleazy. It appears to be an American or European company but its a Chinese company; nothing wrong with being Chinese; the scam is that the clothes look good on their web site but are cheap – poorly made with very thin, cheap feeling material. If you like what you ordered, no problem but if you don’t, big problem. They say you can easily return or exchange items but the reality is if you don’t like your order you have to pay to return it to China! To start the process you have to email them, then they require a picture of the item, then they’ll start ‘dealing’ with you, meaning they offered me 15% refund and I could keep the junk. They also suggest you can use the refund to have the clothing alternated to fit! Right, like I’d want to spend even more money on this stuff. When I said no they went up to 35% refund or I had to pay to send it to China which would have cost me more than the items. This feels like a hose job as even if I accept a ‘deal’ I’m left with some cheap, junky clothing that I don’t want. Thus the prices are cheap and the clothing often looks nice (as it would) on web site – just know when you order it you are stuck with it if you don’t like it.

  4. I have purchased from this company and products are not as advertised with a number being recieved faulty. Communication with the site via email has been frankly disgusting. They do not follow local consumer laws and offer % refunds then do not deliver.
    I would not recommend at all!!!

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