Wicboom Face Masks UK Review 2020

Wicboom Face Masks UK Review (June 2020) First Read Then Buy >> In this article, you have acknowledged both sides of the site to make the wise choice according to you.

The face mask is the essential thing nowadays. As per the situation of the world crisis, we need to keep use our safety equipment to protect our and our loved one’s life.

Wicboom Face Masks UK Review states that the people of the United Kingdom are using this mask for the protective use. Masks are the helping hand in many ways such as keeping allergies away. We can stay away by many of the infections by using the masks.

In this article, you will be getting all the required information regarding the Wicboom face mask. Also, the answer to the question like is Wicboomface masks UK legit or scam?

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What is Wicboom?

Wicboom is the online platform selling safety and medical equipment. The product includes a face mask, Thermometers, protective goggles, face shields, gloves, etc. The quality of the product is premium, and the production is done with full hygiene.

The company assures you with the detailed feature of the product at a very fair price. During this pandemic, there is a massive shortage of products, but Wicboom provides the product at the same price with fantastic quality.


  • Website – https://www.wicboom.com/
  • Email address – [email protected] 
  • Delivery time – within 7-15 days of order
  • Return – within seven days of purchase date
  • Payment – online mode of payment 

What customers have to say about it?

As the site is new, no exact customer reviews is provided by the online survey. The time of site registrations is one of the essential factors we should consider before using it as it has no customer review available on its official site, and reviews are not available on any other platform. Do comprehensive researches about the site before you purchase anything from here. Wicboom Face Masks UK Review could suggest you wait and collect the required information before accessing it.

Pros of website

  • Assures you with the quality of product
  • Fast deliveries are promised.
  • Your data is not shared.

Cons of website

  • No contact details available
  • No exchange is possible
  • Return is not applicable if the quality issue is registered.
  • No required information available on the official website 
  • Only online payments possible

Is Wicboom Face Mask UK legit?

As per the Wicboom Face Masks UK Review, no actual pieces of information are available anywhere online. No such users are filling it scam as well, but no definite proof of being legit is claimed. By considering the trend of the scam website,  we suggest you take the risk of your choice. It could be legit and maybe scam the survey depends on you.

The feedback of the customers is the essential tool for the website, which is missing on this website.

Is Wicboom worth money or not?

Wicboom Face Masks UK Review noticed that the company does not provide any refund policy. There is a significant risk in buying such products that do not have an option to replace or refund. Investing the money to buy a product from such a website could be the waste of money. 

The company accepts no return except for the back of the quality issue. No customer support team available to guide the user in case of any difficulty. So the answer to the question that is worth money or not the choice is yours to buy or not. We cannot assure you as the early user provides no exact information.

Final Verdict

The website is very new in the industry of online business. We cannot easily trust anyone without proof. The site has many problems and missing details that could be problematic while using the site for buying. The site claims to have certifications about the quality and service, but this can never be enough to trust. Every small detail is essential before investing the money on any new website. Many points can stop you while spending here as the safety of funds should be the priority. 

No one can suggest you the best without more information. Do your best to make the correct decision and give your feedback, which could help many people who wish to, use this website. 

Here is the unbiased review that shows you both the positive and negative sides of the company, which could help you in the future to decide the best it includes all the advantages and disadvantages that you may experience while accessing the site.

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