Complete Information About Why Oracle Testing Is Crucial for Businesses

Oracle releases at least four updates every calendar year. It is committed to continuous innovation which is one of the prime reasons for its popularity in the market. However, this cannot be denied that without testing, putting in all these updates and modifications leads to problems in the existing workflow of the business.

There are two ways in which the Oracle cloud applications can be tested. One is manual testing and the other is automation testing. Most of the Oracle cloud users go with manual testing, which is not fast enough to keep the sync with the fast-delivery updates by Oracle. So, in order to achieve sync with quickly released updates, automated Oracle cloud testing tools come into the picture.

Why Automation Testing is Crucial For Oracle Cloud Applications?

Security Compliances

The applications of Oracle operate in a role-based security model. The predefined security standards may change with the delivery of quarterly updates. The use of automation tools helps organizations accelerate release cycles and empowers their business and IT teams to focus on other critical tasks.

Periodic Updates

Oracle releases four updates yearly. So, it becomes important for customers to perform regression testing at least quarterly. Moreover, every update needs at least two rounds of testing. One phase of testing is needed in the production environment and another in the testing environment itself.

What Are the Challenges in Oracle Cloud Automation Testing?

Oracle offers a highly dynamic application that comprises dynamic attributes. Programming and coding skills are needed to automate the components, like frames and iframes.

The updates in Oracle lead to structural and functional changes that lead to changes in the existing functionalities. Sometimes, due to all this, the disintegration of test scripts eventually leads to the failure of the test.

There are few cases in which Oracle applications operate standalone, and enterprises use third-party applications, like Office 365 with Oracle applications. Furthermore, organizations need help integrating updates with Oracle applications because most automation tools have cross-technology validation limitations.

How To Choose the Right Oracle Testing Solution

Zero-Code Test Automation

Zero-code test automation is one of the best solutions for Oracle cloud applications. It speeds up the testing process of Oracle. The framework of zero-code help ensures a quick setup. There are many advantages of no-code test automation; there is less time required in the creation of a test case. On the other hand, the use of code-based tools intensifies test case creation.

Synchronization With Other Technology

Go for the tool or platform that can support synchronization with other technology. As it is well-known that the business workflow is extended across different applications. So, it is better to select the tool that can hold up the stack of broad technology, such as desktop, API, legacy, web, and mobile. It assists in reducing the requirement for an individual platform for different applications.

Test Scripts Maintenance

Businesses can opt for Oracle testing tools that can independently heal the test automation scripts without human involvement.

Oracle Testing Tools


It is the most popular Oracle cloud testing tool. It is free and available as open source. Grid and Selenium IDE are the automation suites of this tool. The latter assists in setup and recording functionality, whereas the Selenium Grid empowers to perform the parallel testing.


OATS stands for Oracle Application Testing Suite. It was developed by Oracle and is compatible with almost every Oracle application. It encompasses the built-in libraries that ease the test setup, implementation, and maintenance process. However, it is a costly tool that supports only web-based products of Oracle and packaged applications.


It is a no-code Oracle cloud testing tool. Even non-technical users, like business experts, can use this tool without having any prior knowledge of programming. In just a few clicks, the enterprise can automate its Oracle cloud testing.

Moreover, it supports all Oracle products along with 14+ ERPs and enterprise-packaged applications.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Oracle is well-known for its software and tools and its continuous commitment to innovation motivating them to release quick updates. However, testing becomes a crucial aspect.

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