When Is the New Map for Among Us Coming Out (Jan) Explore! >> Did you hear about the new Among Us map? Do you know when it is going to be released? Read the article to know.  

Everybody is asking When Is the New Map for Among Us Coming Out? The Among Us game company had announced through their official Twitter handle that the new map for the game is going to be announced soon.The game can be played by anyone, be it from the United States, the United KingdomCanada, or Japan.The fans have gone crazy about the game and its new update that will be out soon. It is amongst the most played games for the year 2020 and continues to influence people in 2021. Some people don’t know about the date announced by the company. So, read the article to find out when the update will be out.

What is Among Us game?

Well, you are here to search for the answer for When Is the New Map for Among Us Coming Out; in case you don’t know about the game, then- Among Us is a game launched in 2018 by InnerSloth.However, the game received all the buzz in the year 2020. A twitch user started online streaming of this game and is credited for its global spreading.It is available for streaming on android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox one, and windows.

The gameplay of Among Us is different from other known games and interesting. The imposters try to kill their own crewmates while completing the tasks of the team. The ultimate goal is to not get caught and not be suspicious.Meetings are held to vote for the imposter. If all the imposters are caught, then the game ends, and the crewmates win.

So, When Is the New Map for Among Us Coming Out?

The official Twitter handle of Among Us game released the trailer for their new map- Airship. The trailer is thrilling and has several new features. There are currently three maps available on Among Us- MIRA HQ, The Skeld, and Polus. the MIRA HQ is the most compact map yet the most fun, and Polus is the largest map. All the maps have different rooms, each having tasks and some having vented.The Polus map is more spacious and loved by the imposters because it is easy to stay low key and difficult to find the dead bodies.The new map is going to be released in early 2021. There is no official date announced for the release. Everybody is excited and expect the release to be out by January.

People’s Reaction

Among Us is played by almost everyone and the new map announcement made everyone ask When Is the New Map for Among Us Coming Out. People reacted to this news actively.Many replied to the company, saying that they are ready for the new map, and a few responded that they did not expect the news at all.What do you think about the new map? Did you see its trailer? Tell us in the comments.

Final Verdict

The new map is coming out soon. The date is not yet declared, but we believe that the company will not make its beloved followers wait for long.We hope we answered your question- When Is the New Map for Among Us Coming Out?

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