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Are you a fan of Pet Simulator X? If yes, you have got loads of questions about the merchant spawns in the Philippines? Pet simulator X is an online game available on the Roblox platform. The game is about catching legendary new pets, hatching them, and fetching new secrets to find greater pets. The game has recently featured the spawn and traveling merchant.

This article will talk about What Time Merchant Spawn in Philippines?

About Spawn

There are three main areas in pet simulator X. Spawn World is the main and first area in the game. This world includes 9 biomes, 1 Shop, 4 Specific areas. There are biomes, including town, winter, mine, forest, beach, and more. The specific areas include VIP area, teach entry, forsaken Gate or Dominus area, and pog areas or mystery areas.

There are a total of 28 eggs, according to update 5. You can unlock two golden variant eggs and two news eggs by purchasing each biome.. 28 eggs include 14 golden eggs and 14 normal eggs. The merchant arrives in the shop to offer the pets. Let’s discuss What Time Merchant Spawn in Philippines.

Who is a traveling merchant?

In the spawn area, there is a mini shop Traveling Merchant. In this shop, the merchant reaches within a few hours. When this merchant arrives, a chat message pops up in the game, which tells that the merchant has reached. The biome location of this shop is spawn world.

It offers 3 types of different pets: Golden, Rainbow variations, or Normal. The mystery merchant offers pets 65% lower compared to the traveling merchant. If you want system leveling for traveling merchants, you have to gain respect, which could be gained by buying pets from mystery merchants or traveling merchants.

What Time Merchant Spawn in Philippines?

The player has to purchase from a traveler merchant to unlock the unique new pets. The merchant arrives at the shop every 30 mins to a few hours. It departs after 10 minutes. It means you have got ten minutes to purchase the new pets.

When the merchant arrives at the shop, you get a message in the chat box. If players cannot purchase in those ten minutes, they have to wait for 30 minutes or more hours. After that, you can find a merchant in the trading plaza and shop in the spawn world.

According to What Time Merchant Spawn in Philippines, we have found rainbow variations of pets sold by traveling merchants. These include astral Axolotl, 404 Demon, Hydra Axolotl, Hellish Axolotl, Storm Axolotl, and Empyrean Axolotl.


The traveling merchant arrives at the shop a few times. It’s a good way to hatch unique pets. You can purchase the pets every 30 mins or more hours within 10 minutes. Pet simulator X always comes up with interesting features in each update. To know more about merchant spawn timing, visit this link. 

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