What Is Florida Home Run (Nov) Is It a Slang? >> The article is related to a slang that has used in an American Series Episode.

Florida is again in the spotlight, but this time not for something that we all could have ever thought about. 

As you all are probably wondering ” What Is Florida Home Run? “and you might also know that this phrase is from a popular tv show – AMERICA HOUSEWIFE, but lots of people are still confused about its meaning. 

And if you are one of them then you are reading the excellent article – in this is an article you will get to know all about what is Florida home run and why is it trending so much especially in countries like the United States, Canada.

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An Overview of Florida Home Run

What Is Florida Home Run: Even people who live in Florida don’t know the meaning of this new term Florida home run, and it’s weird. We have a feeling that no one knew this term before and it’s completely new as we didn’t find much information about it on google too. 

Well, according to urban dictionary home run is a quick transition from first base to the third base or even to home plate! And it’s not about baseball, and it’s about relationships. It generally means the higher the number of bases are the more people allow each other to try with one another. 

But what the difference does Florida make an in-home run is a big secret that no one knows not even google! Do you have any idea what does it mean? Are you interested to know more about it? Then continue reading to know What Is Florida Home Run

What is precisely the Florida home run?

All of us have heard about the home run and of course Florida too. You might have probably heard about “home run ” in the context of relationships and ” Florida” as the name of a state in the United States. 

But the combination of the above to has made everyone curious to know it’s the definition and especially the fans of the show ” American housewife “. In the latest episode of ABC’s sitcom – American housewife; season – 5 a new term was introduced to us which was Florida home run. The episode was aired on November 18 and has titled as ” Coupling “.

Dive Into the phrase more

In the episode as mentioned above, the lead couple of the show used the reference of Florida home run during the scenes which made all its fans curious about its meaning since it’s novel to us and also the Internet. Now everyone wants to know What is Florida home run. Therefore, it’s getting viral on social media and search engines since the morning of Thursday, people want to know why they are triggering Florida again. 

There is no such thing as Florida home run, or at least there wasn’t before the Thursday’s episode of the show America housewife.

Final Verdict 

It feels like the writers had some incomplete complaints with state of sunshine or some new idea about it. So, this is to the fans of American housewife – you are not only the one out of folks who are wondering relating to this slang, known as What is Florida home run. It’s new for the Floridians too.

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