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What Happened to Weekend Face (Jan) Know Truth? >> The post shares details about the singer’s act that left fans wondering what happed to the singer’s face.  

The Weeknd is a popular musician who is living a life as a performance artist. The musician performed at the 2020 American Music Awards with a bandage all over his face. What Happened to Weekend Face is the question asked by every fan for this singer cum performance artist. His fans from the United States, Canada, and South Africa wonder what happened to him and why he performed with his face bloodied and bandages.A report was released after his performance stating that Weeknd is doing well and he was not bruised or bloody. It was just part of his act. 

What Happened to Weekend Face?

Weeknd is a famous performance artist known for his dark wave-style of R&B and his identity charisma. He was a Canadian performance artist with millions of followers worldwide. Recently, Weeknd performed at the Saturday Night Live on 7th March 2020 and thrilled all his fans with his face bloodied and bandages. The performer made his face go gaga, and all his fans were concerned because his face looked completed messed up. They want to know What Happened to Weekend Face.  

The Weeknd participated in the music award and took the stage at Studio 8H, wearing a red blazer with an all-black outfit. But it is the blood-streaked with bandages over it that grabbed the attention of the audience. The artist chose not to follow the conventional costume alteration method; instead, he preferred to show up the outfit with a bloodied-up look while performing the new song, Scared to Live. Fans showed their concern after seeking the new appearance of the singer. 

How People Reacted After His Bloodied Appearance?

Weeknd has millions of fan followers worldwide, and fans familiar with his acts were aware that the look is the part of his act or storyline of the new short film. The singer is wearing the same red blazer with bloody makeup in the After-hours short film released on 4th March 2020. All his fans took to social media soon after his performance to clarify the things and answer the other fans who want to know What Happened to Weekend Face.            

The social media post shared mentioned that the bloody and messed up face of Weeknd is the part of his performance as he promoted the new short film, After Hours. The singer is wearing the same bloody makeup with a bandage over his face like the short film, After Hours.Weeknd’s messed up face was also filmed in the earlier video, Blinding Lights. But, the recent performance by the singer is nothing to do with his earlier video. The singer preferred wearing the same blazer with a bloody face and bandage to promote his recent short film, After Hours. 


Hopefully, people wondering What Happened to Weekend Face would be happy knowing that the singer is doing well and it is part of his promotion. The injured face with blood and bruises is part of his promotion, and it was just the make-up and not the real injuries. After getting the confirmation, fans were satisfied and content, knowing that their favorite singer is doing well. If there is anything to add about the singer’s act, please write it down in the comment section.

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