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Warmnesty Com Reviews (Sep 2020) Is It worth The Hype? >> Thus, the article mentioned above is for a website that sells realistic dolls and puppies.  

Are you someone who is looking for something cute to cuddle? There is a site named Warmnesty that sells a lovely collection of dolls and puppies. This United States website will provide you with realistic dolls and puppies that scream for your love and attention. These toys will help you love them without caring for them as the usual dogs or kids would. We can assure you that this would have initiated the urge in you to buy them. 

But just having an adorable collection on display is enough for someone to shop for them? We think it is not. Read on Warmnesty com Reviews to know if the website is worth it.

 We believe that you will be benefitted from a lot of information from this review article and will be able to make a related purchase decision from the website.

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What is Warmnesty com?

 Warmnesty is a site based in the United States. The website sells a realistic collection of dolls and puppies. The website has it written in about section that it was involved in fashion and clothes since 2008.

The company boasts of having thirty years of experience in making realistic toys. The production time is usually 5-15 days. Also, the user can get the customization for their favorite products done. The company boasts of having 50,000+ customers who are satisfied with the services of the company. The products are made from artificial fur. Also, there is hand-sculpted claws, paws, and clay nose used. 

The products have glass eyes. These are also filled with steel granules and have polyester in them. The products have airbrush paint along with the art pastel that gives them a real like feel.

These articles are handmade. The company has also given out that there might be a slight color difference in the products. It can be because of the lights used in the shooting. It is essential information for Warmnesty com Reviews.

However, when we explored the website more, we found that the website doesn’t have any contact information. There is also no information about the website on other platforms on the internet. We might say that the website doesn’t have enough information that is needed to authenticate its presence.

For Warmnesty com Reviews, when we tried to analyze the website’s content, we found that most of the site’s content is plagiarised. There is not enough information written for the products available on the site. 

Specifications of Warmnesty:

  • URL: https://warmnesty.com/
  • Products: There are beautiful dolls and puppies.
  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Customer Service available: 9 AM-5 PM
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact Number: 1877- 2534-927

Pros of Warmnesty:

  • The site has a collection of beautiful puppies and dolls.
  • The price of the products is reasonable.

 Cons of Warmnesty:

  • There is no owner information.
  • There website doesn’t have a social media presence.

Is Warmnesty Legit?

For Warmnesty com Reviews, Warmnesty is one website that has no social media presence to back it up. There are no customer reviews available for the site. The ‘about us’ section of the website has some misleading information. As a user, there are not enough evidence that can be explored to build trust on this website. The website doesn’t have a lot of traffic. We came across some plagiarised content on the site.

There is also not enough information about the products available on the site. Going by this, we can say that the website is potentially a scam. 

Customer reviews:

 Despite a lot of efforts, we couldn’t find anything substantial about the website. There are no customer reviews for the site anywhere. Also, the website has no social media presence adds up to the website’s factor having no customer reviews.

For Warmnesty com Reviews, we can say that the website is not authentic. 

Final Verdict

There is not enough evidence to support the credibility of the site. Going by the website getting low traffic, plagiarised content, and hidden owner information, we think the website is not legit. We will not encourage our users to place an order from this website. Doing so might result in fraud of their hard-earned personal information and money. Thus, in our Warmnesty com Reviews, we will not advise this website to our readers.

If you have placed an order from the website before, we would like to know your feedback. It will help others be better informed. 

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  1. My friend ordered from them and received an awful product . Nothing like what they advertised! She contacted them by Email. Has not heard anything back. You can look at her post on Facebook. Deborah Vienna.

  2. I ordered from Warmnesty, on September 23rd and have had no confirmation letter from them.
    No contact at all! I paid $38.98 for a beautiful doll.
    I suppose my next step is the attorney general , don’t know what else to do!

  3. I ordered THREE Snowman decorations at the end of September. I saw the advertisement on Facebook. I ordered three because then I got free shipping. Today, November 5, 2020 I received three hanging snowmen, but they are not at all what was represented . I am so very frustrated and ANGRY with companies that use China for their products. Of course the advertisement didn’t mention where the product was coming from. I tried to find an illustration of what I ordered and it is gone! I know I saw the ad more than one time…and it was recently too. I suggest no one order from WARMNESTY.com. I did send an email to them expressing my dissatisfaction, but I don’t think I will hear from them. BEWARE! China is a DANGEROUS PLACE!

    1. Bought a toy dog in July and never received it. Lots of emails where they say they have sent it. Offered me 30% tefund. I refused. Then they told me to return it and they would refund me, Idiots!

  4. I also ordered 2 dolls with sets of clothing that looked adorable on their site. Ordered in the end of September. My daughter received it November 21 8 weeks later. And the dolls look nothing like what I ordered. And they do not have any sets of clothing to go with them. The distributor who billed my Paypal account was not Warmnesty but a company called Duo Tongguang Electronic Commerce LTD. It has horrible reviews on the internet as well. Definitely avoid doing business with either of these companies . You will be very disappointed.

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