Vyzr Mask Review (Oct) Read To Know More! >> understand the reviews of products used to filter air and save you from airborne diseases.

Vyzr Mask Review: During this pandemic, everyone tries to save themselves from getting infected by the deadly Coronavirus. Scientists are working day and night to find the cure for this fatal virus. COVID-19 hits the economy of every country, and it leads to lockdown in most of the nations. 

On the other side, this covid-19 took many lives, and it hits the United States badly, where the count of infected people and dead people doubled in a few months. The only possible solution here is its prevention by following safety guides. Here, we have an innovative mask for scientists and workers, where the social distancing rule is not possible to follow.

No doubts, there are several masks available online, but what is unique in Vyzr Mask. It is better to get into the details before adding any such mask to the cart and squander money unnecessarily. 

To know its superior features, let us go through Vyzr Technologies Mask Reviews.

What is Vyzr Mask?

It is a shield that prevents you from airborne viruses. This mask works as an air purifier when you wear it. Further, it has specially designed for those who cannot follow or control social distancing rules like at industries or your workplaces. Also, this can give you protection from pollutant particles, Dust particles, Allergens, and Pathogens.

Furthermore, this is the best option for peoples who work at Clinics, Salons, hotels, travel in Public transport, etc. to know more about this safety product. Let us expand its reviews by getting into Vyzr Mask Review in its details. 

Specifications of Vyzr Mask

Here are some specifications about the mask that we have enlisted below. Let us take a peek at these below.  

  • N95 auto Filtration: An N95 mask has done the purification of air inside a 360-degree sealed shield, and purification has operated by two fans inside it, and the battery stands up to 8 hours.
  • Battery: A 10000 mAh battery operates the two fans. This battery is rechargeable; you can charge your battery by plugin 5 volts USB-A charger. 
  • Fans: The purification fans are silent, and you can adjust the airflow of air by three adjustable settings.
  • Gloves: The best about this mask is you can touch your face with your hand by inserting your hand in its reversible gloves for both sides. Let expand it more by Vyzr Mask Review.
  • Size: This mask has come in three sizes-small, medium and large size. Choose the one as size varies for chest from 30” to 52,” and its height is 27”.
  • Weight: The weight of the Vyzr mask is light, which is up to 2.2 kg, including its battery. It has made from Durable fabrics like Silicone, Neoprene, and Vinyl.
  • Air Filter: As it uses N95 filters and in the pack, users get 10 KN95 filter refills to change them when replacement is needed.

Pros of Vyzr Mask 

Here are some positive sides of this mask as mentioned below.  

  • People can wear them during indoor activities like meetings, public transportation, and at work.
  • KN95 pack of 10 filters is available in the package.
  • Anti-fogging shield and easy to clean.
  • Separate valves for inhaling and exhale of air.
  • A sizing guide is available for the best-fitted size.

Cons of vyzr mask

We found some cons of the mask as given below.

  • There are no product reviews available on its official site.
  • High price.

What did the customer think about this?

After exploring through Vyzr Technologies Mask, we don’t find any reviews on its website, but few reviews are available on its social media account, and the users of this mask seem to be happy. But we recommend its explorations before purchasing this face mask as the price of this face mask is high compared to simple masks.

Final verdict

During the analysis of the vyzr mask, we found its website is seven months old. Further, it has negative points like it has no reviews on its official website, and a few reviews are available on its social media handles, but it may be paid or fake. 

After in-depth analysis through Vyzr Mask Review, we suggest all customers get into the product on their own before ordering this expensive product.For further queries, please contact us via the comment section.

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