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Virvira Com Reviews (Oct 2020) Is This A Scam Website?? >>We often find ourselves at the back foot when it comes to information about e-commerce sites. Read more to find out about this e-boutique.

Do you think virvira is worth your money? Read virvira com reviews to find out. 

The festive is upon us, bringing the much-awaited joy, sparkle and festivities! Many of us who are looking to revamp your wardrobe and looking for a change of style is opting for online stores. 

Vir vira is an E-boutique from Indiaselling sarees, lehengas and kurtis. The store promises top quality of material, stitching and design. A lot of customers will be suspicious before buying from this website, also will be puzzled whether this genuine-looking website is truly genuine or not. 

If you are thinking of buying from this E-store don’t forget to check out our reviews, we use an array of verified sources, platforms to make sure that the reviews give the best possible information to make the correct choice. 

Let us review whether the site stands true to its promises and proves its money’s worth.


Virvira is a designer fashion store pandering to a nationwide audience. It specialises in designer lehengas, kurtis and sarees. The store delivers to all locations in India, guarantying a quick and inexpensive delivery.

The website claims to be a one-stop-shop for all ethnic wear.


  • Website Type: Ecommerce site
  • URL:
  • E-mail-Id: [email protected]
  • Contact Number: not available
  • Address: not available.
  • Delivery Time: 3-5 business days.
  • Tracking facility: not available.
  • Return: return is possible if specific criteria are met.
  • Refund policy: Only applicable in some instances. Cash refund not available.
  • Payment Mode: online payment available


  • A lot of discounts are available.
  • It’s an Indian brand, thus certifying the “make in India” aspect.
  • Here one is spoilt for choice with such varieties and options.
  • Lots of payment options are available.’
  • It has a “how to order” guide available for new patrons of the website.


  • Contact number is not available on the website.
  • There is no address available on the website.
  • There are almost no reviews available on the website.
  • The site is comparatively new.
  • Low trust-worthy score
  • There was a considerable percentage of plagiarism detected.

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Is a legitimate website?

We did extensive and in-depth research, using several tools and resources at our disposal to find out whether the site is legitimate or not. Here are some of the results as follows; shows an alarmingly low trust-score. Since the website was formed only two months ago, it is a bit suspicious. It is advised to not buy from a website so new as the financial details are at risk. There are almost no customer reviews online, and the social media links on the websites are also not working. When the site was checked for plagiarism, there was a 100% plagiarism detected on various independent platforms.

Hence the virvira com reviews state that the website is very unsafe. With such a low trust-worthy score on many websites, no contact address or contact number and bleak customer reviews, the conclusion can be drawn is that the website is unsafe.

One should be very careful before making any purchase from such sites, and if possible, use tried and tested websites to make purchases and have financial transactions.

Customer reviews 

For customer reviews, we primarily viewed the site. After getting favorable reviews on the website, we decided to probe a little further for writing the virvira com reviews

Researching heavily on the website and various social media platforms, we did not find many good reviews. It can be safe to say the customers were not happy with the quality of purchase, the delivery and refund or return assistance or customer service.

The customers were ascertained that this was not the experience the website had promised them.

One customer comments “The website offers whopping discounts of almost 75% but fails to deliver on every front”, while another adds “The website appears so genuine that it can even a trained eye can be fooled into buying it’s second rate products with its lucrative design.”

All in all, the customer reviews were not at all satisfactory, and the customers would not recommend buying from that website.

Final Verdict

“All that glitters is not gold” rings true for this website. The virvira com reviews of the fashion store do not hold up to the standard shown on its website. With factors like low trust-worthiness score, no address or contact number and complicated return policy, the Virvira fashion website is a scam.

Feel free to hit us up with your experiences in dealing with the Virvira Fashion Store.

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  1. I have ordered a saree before 13 days by making online payment but I didn’t get my product. And even no response from them.

    1. Please black list virvira, I ordered a sarry but they sent a chep kurty. I sent 10 messages to return but no response. Big fraud company. Suguna. Hyderabad

  2. This is true, we have ordered sarees almost 10 days and made online payment. But since then we have neither received any item nor response from them. we have sent several reminders on the mail id but it is of no use.

  3. This is true, we have ordered sarees almost 10 days back and made online payment. But since then we have neither received any item nor response from them. we have sent several reminders on the mail id but it is of no use.

  4. I have ordered a saree before 10 days by making online payment but I didn’t get my product. And even no response from them. I think it’s scam or fraud company, don’t purchase anyone from this company

  5. This is fraud website still my big order not received yet, and not receiving any call as per google search vir contact number.

    Please launch a complaint under cyber crime.

  6. I have ordered 3 women’s wear on 19th september 2020. Since i did not receive any further update from them I rang them today to find out the status of my order. They said that they are unable to execute my order. I asked them for the refund. They sent a message and asked me to forward the message sent to a number which they gave me. Hope i get the refund. I am still trying to contact them. But their phones are engaged. I strongly believe it is a fraud company. I will be taking up the matter with the yspolice / CID in case the refund is not made by them in 2 to 3 days. So users be aware.

  7. Yes this virvira fashion is fraud company..I had ordered one saree on 18th September 2020 by making online payment but I have not received my product yet..Today it’s 11th day and I have not received any mail or call from them regarding order delivery..

  8. sir,
    my order product is wrong our despatch in Kurti
    my order is red color designer saree not despatch
    order no. 2146 dt. 24-09-2020 Invoice no. 2734949892252
    pls. give me my original product silk saree red color
    After ordering one lady phoned up to check. Currently that number is switched off

  9. I have ordered a saree by making online payment on 24th September, but I didn’t get my product. And even no response from them. A female did call but she could not understand English. Cyber Security people must help us find these frauds and get out money back please!

  10. I have ordered a saree on23 sept 2020 by making payment online but till now I did not get any response or product from them.

  11. I have ordered a saree before 13 days by making an online payment but haven’t received the product till date. More over no contact number or any email id has been provided. Till today didn’t received any response from them. It might be a fraud company.

  12. I ordered two sarees on insistence from my mother…it’s been 2 weeks and no trace of delivery or any shipment details…I also contacted the email address provided but no response…I think this is completely fake website…and no one should buy from mother was so insisted and kept pushing me when I was in middle of my work I simply went and purchased from this fake website…thankfully I didn’t do online banking but choose to google pay which has limited money in my account

  13. Hey, it’s a fake site I also trapped in the same and lost the money but I don’t want others do the same, it’s a big scam, it started 2-3 websites with the same UI and material and robbing people, how can we report this.

  14. I had ordered saree and lehenga from this site before one month.. I had received an order confirmation mail from [email protected] however I have still not received my products.. I have mailed them multiple times already but there’s no reply from their side. IT’S A TOTALLY FRAUD and FAKE WEBSITE!!! PLEASE REPORT THIS WEBSITE AND DON’T EVEN THINK OF BUYING ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE..

  15. This is a scam….I ordered 4 sarees, amount got debited, and when I logged into this account, I couldn’t find order placed

  16. Yes this is fake page .I also done payment but not get my order. Even no contact no.
    So please don’t buy anything through this website.

  17. I had placed an order on 24th September 2020 and got confirmation email after online payment. But no tracking ID, contact number or address provided. I have sent them many emails and still no response. This is a scam and I am deeply troubled as I had made a substantial purchase.

  18. vir vira very good mother fucker. fuck my hard working money. God never leave you. Please don’t order this all good scam our law is very bad not able to catch him. Please send me phone no if you find him. One day i catch you mother fucker

  19. I have ordered as on 17-Oct-2020 but there is no response till now on delivery and also even sent multiple mails to customer care.

  20. I have ordered saree as on 17-Oct-2020 and made the payment but there is no update on delivery date and also multiple mails was sent to customer care.

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