Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text (Sep 2020) Honest Reviews.
Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text (Sep 2020) Honest Reviews.. >> In this article, you will come to know about the legitimacy of food stamps text messages related to the website. 

Did you receive a text message to get food stamps for free? Are you curious about the Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text? Do you want to clear your doubts about it being an authentic or a scam? If it is so, then you will get all the answers to your doubts. 

In today’s article, we will fill your cup of knowledge about the United States based Food Stamps Text from the website. After giving it a read, you will discern whether it is legit or a scam. 

So let us start our exploration of it. 

What is Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text about? 

The Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text displays a text by US foods

asserting that you have been selected to get food stamps or SNAP for 30 days. The sender of this message is claimed to be Government services – Food Stamps. 

The website displaying details about food stamps text was recently created. 

The specifications of the Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text: 

  • To access the website, click on the link
  • The food stamps text of verdure labs seems to be suspicious. 
  • The website displaying it doesn’t show a valid SSL connection. 
  • The website referring to food stamps text is not popular. 
  • The Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text is a recently formulated concept. 
  • The link to fill the form is

How to get the benefit of the Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text?

To avail the offer, they provide a link of the form to be filled on their website. The form may ask for your personal information or bank details. 

Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text asserts that you can avail of its benefits after entering some details and filling the form.

What are people’s views on the Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text? 

According to people, the Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text is an untrustworthy assertion as the form you get to fill asks for your personal information.

Many negative reviews are available on various sources. Also, people find it too useful to be true. This text message is found to be doubtful by many. 

Accordingly, it’s not worth being relied upon. 


After analyzing Verdure Labs Food Stamps Text, we found it to be a bait for wanting people to visit their website and reveal their personal information there. 

It does not belong to any official US food service. Also, it comes from an unpopular source that exhibits poor customer reviews. Hence, it is a fake text message from a scam source. 

Accordingly, we advise you to avoid clicking on text messages providing such unbelievable offers. Also, don’t expose your personal details without confirming the authenticity of the source. 

Dear Readers, did you also get a similar message? If yes, then do share your experience with us. Further, if you have any doubts about it, ask it in the comment box below.

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