Travis Porter Chick (Oct) Find The Scam! >> This post will make you aware of this new scam and let you know everything to stay safe in the upcoming future too.

Travis Porter Chick: Getting excited about the new giveaway post? Want to know the truth? Well, read this article and get informed about this new scam. Users can also see the Facebook post and see the company’s gift basket on its 61st anniversary.

People across the United States are getting excited as well as curious regarding this new offer from the company. However, the worth of the gift card offered is making this whole situation fanciful.

What is this Chick-fil-A gift basket is?

It asks Facebook users to share the post, grab the rewards, and further take them to fishing links demanding their personal information like the credit card number. Users can search for Travis Porter Chick on the internet and read out the valuable information to stay safe.

It is just another trick of hackers to get access to the users’ financial accounts and rob them. It is all about an online post by Travis Porter, the regional manager of the chic-fil-A company from the US, posted on October 25, 2020.

Different red flags with this giveaway of basket gifts:

  • No brand in the United States would allow its employees, not even any manager, to offer such gifts to customers.
  • The initial Facebook post posted by Travis Porter from where this giveaway originated had numerous grammatical and spelling errors.
  • This company has taken only one social media platform, i.e., Facebook, for this, which is the primary reason for doubting this.

How can the users avoid such scams?

Companies with reputed names, especially brands, would never give away such gift cards worth a significant amount and numerous gifts through any of their employees. Well, this Chick Fil a Gift Basket for Everyone is entirely a scam and could be disguised in anything to snatch your savings from you. 

Hackers usually use big names like chich-fil-a, McDonald’s, or maybe burger king to grab all customers’ attention. So, users should stay far away from such posts promising free premium gifts.

How can the users protect themselves from such frauds on social media?

Users can protect themselves from being the victim of such frauds by keeping themselves updated by subscribing to the scam detector newsletter and can further inform their friends and family

Moreover, users can also search for this post by Travis Porter Chick and report about this scam by reporting to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by finding the link online.

Final verdict

Well, this Facebook post from the brand’s regional manager claims to provide numerous gifts along with a gift card worth $35 seems to be too good to be true. 

This article will tell you about the reality of Chick Fil a Gift Basket for Everyone and the ways to recognize the difference between scam posts and real posts.

Let us know what you think about this scam post and help our readers stay safe by posting a comment below.

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