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Traffic Collision: If you sustain injuries in a traffic collision, you can decide to file a lawsuit to receive compensation for the medical expenses and other expenses. A traffic collision can happen at any time and it can cause a huge impact on your life. A car accident can cause fear, inconvenience, and pain. It can also cause concerns on whether or not you need to hire an attorney. 

But you need to have an attorney if you are involved in a traffic collision. The good thing is that there are many lawyers out there who provide a free first consultation. Remember that an insurance company for the at-fault driver can work against you, so you should get a lawyer to protect your rights. This article explains the best time to get an attorney after a traffic collision.

If you want to maximize your compensation 

When you sustain injuries or your property was damaged during a car accident, there can be huge medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses. These expenses can sometimes increase even after the traffic collision.

Some studies have indicated that most people involved in car accidents who choose to hire an attorney get better financial settlements than people without legal representation. These settlements can sometimes be up to three times for people with legal representation. 

Remember that some insurance companies for at-fault parties can try to offer lower settlements. This is why you need to secure a good car accident attorney to handle these insurance companies. An experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Dade City, FL can negotiate a better settlement with the insurer.

Some insurance adjusters may tell you after a traffic collision that you don’t have to get an attorney. This is part of their tactics that intends to minimize the compensation that the insurance company has to pay.  

The problem in traffic collision cases is that it can be challenging to figure out your losses, especially soon after a traffic collision. This is why it’s a good idea to get an attorney with skills and experience to help you determine all your future expenses that need to be included in your claim.

You can also suffer some minor injuries, such as whiplash that can be persistent and can even lead to major health issues requiring ongoing medical expenses. Regardless of whether you sustain minor or major injuries, they can sometimes have some severe consequences.

When you decide to deal with the claim yourself, there can be some expenses that may be hard to consider. As a result, many traffic collision victims tend to forget these expenses and they may not know how long they can last. This can lead you to accept a lower settlement that cannot cover all the expenses.

You don’t want to make costly legal mistakes

Many traffic collision claims can be settled out of court, but this doesn’t mean that dealing with at-fault drivers’ insurance companies involves only negotiations. Whether it’s a negotiation process or not, you still need to use the relevant law to get fair compensation.

Remember that insurance companies can only take your claim seriously if you get an experienced attorney. In this way, your negotiation position can also be stronger, and the insurance company is aware of it. 

A lawyer can assist you to prove the driver who caused the traffic collision. There are also other legal issues that an attorney can help with your case. For example, you can lose a good case if you don’t file a lawsuit within a specific period. Some states also have complex legal processes that need the expertise of an attorney. The type of damage, the area where those involved in the traffic collision live, and where the traffic collision happened can affect your case. 

The deadlines, the legal process, and the amount of compensation can affect where you need to file a lawsuit. These factors tend to vary depending on the state where you live. For instance, there can be a comparative negligence rule in some states, meaning your compensation can be reduced if they determine you were also at fault for the car accident. 

In some cases, you cannot get any compensation if you are more than fifty percent at fault. A good attorney can consider these factors for your case. They can help you to be in a better negotiation position and even improve your claim.

Negotiating with at-fault driver’s insurer

Many car accident attorneys tend to provide free first consultation on the phone or in person. This allows an attorney to hear what happened during the traffic collision. In this way, they can know how best they can handle your case. When it comes to the attorney’s fees, they are some lawyers who offer a contingency plan. This means you can pay your lawyer on the successful completion of your case. 

In the first consultation with your attorney, you don’t have to make any payment or make any commitment to secure the services of the attorney. This can be your chance to determine if it’s a good idea to have legal representation following your car accident. You can also assess if the potential attorney meets your needs.

There are several stakeholders involved when you decide to file a claim in a car accident case. There is an insurance company for the driver at fault that handles these claims regularly. Because many drivers have car insurance, you will likely be negotiating with their insurance companies.

You should remember that auto insurers are large companies with a lot of resources. These resources can include teams of forensic and medical professionals as well as attorneys. All these teams work to make sure the insurance company pays out less amount of money to car accident victims.

A good attorney knows the tricks that insurance companies use to pay out less money. They can also handle the emails, paperwork, and many more on your behalf. They can use all the available resources to negotiate a better settlement for you. If the insurer fails to pay out a fair settlement, they can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

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