tr2 Mask Reviews (October 2020) Think Before Buying! >> In this article, the reviews will help you to understand the new face mask through its specification and feedbacks.

tr2 Mask Reviews: Our military persons face many issues during their training and combats. During this training and actions to prevent themselves from hazardous gases, they geared up themselves with a special mask. These masks filter out the polluted and gaseous particles during respiring. Further, to prevent their armies and police officers from gas attacks, governments of the United States, United KingdomCanada issue advisory to wear a face mask before any operations.

As we know, prevention is better than cure. So as the only cure for viruses and polluted particles is prevention. Everyone needs to prevent themselves from dust particles by wearing a face mask. Face masks effectively stop the spreading of respiratory diseases too. Here, today we discuss a face mask through its reviews.

Nowadays, every online and grocery store are selling various types of Mask. But to know the effectiveness of this Mask, we have to go through its reviews.

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What is TR2 Mask?

This Mask is initially made for military combats and to prevent military persons from hazardous gas attacks. The full name of tr2 is tactical Respirator-2 as its primary purpose to serve the military. But now it is available for everyone on many online stores to prevent themselves from viruses and pollution. 

This face mask has many features over the other masks like surgical masks and cotton mask. To know about its features, we have to expand this product through tr2 Mask Reviews.

Specifications for the tr2 Mask

Engineers and designers make this product for military men to finish their training and missions in better means. It saves persons from gas particles upto 0.3 microns and filtered them out before respiring. To know about face mask, let elaborate it through tr2 Mask reviews.

Color: it is only available in black color.

Soft Silicone Seal: The body of this Mask is made from soft silicon. It gets sealed with the skin of the user. Further, the profile of Mask is eyewear compatible like spectacles and goggles could be worn with them.

Filter Effectiveness: The filter of this Mask useful upto 97% percent and filtered out the particles of size 0.3micron and more extensive than it. This effectiveness depends on the testing standards of NaCl 32 LPM TSI8130.

Breathable:  Yes, it is breathable even during strenuous activities like stopping protests and training in deserts. 

Biodegradable filter: The tr2 Mask filter is made from biodegradable plastic and passed the standard of ASTM D6400. After its use, it can be easily replaced with a new one.

Exhalation valve: This Mask as the special valve for exhalation and exhales goes in the downward direction. This low facing valve does not create fogs on eyewear like goggles and eyeglasses. 

Mic Kit Accessory: This Mask is designed to use the mic as optional to communicate with nearby persons. The mic can be fitted on the right and left side, depending on the user’s ease. 

Mic quality: the mic is waterproof and dust resistant and rated as IP67. The connector of the mic is compatible with ordinary headsets and connection via standard Nexus2-pin. 

Adjustable straps: The tr2 Mask’s strap is fully adjustable and worn with or without a helmet. Further additional strap kit is available with supports integrations, hook, and loop adapter for alternative attachments.

Cost: This Mask cost is relatively high, and customers have to pay 225 United States dollars to buy it.

Pros of tr2 Mask

  • It filtered out gases and dust particles.
  • Easy to use and not harsh to the skin.
  • Adjustable straps, according to the situation.
  • A biodegradable filter is used.
  • It also fits with other kits configurations.

Cons of tr2 Mask

  • No reviews are available for its quality and effectiveness on the website.
  • Few reviews available on social media, and they are doubtful.
  • The price is high.

What did customers think about this Mask?

After exploration through tr2 Mask Reviews, we don’t find any reviews on its website. A few reviews are available but they are questionable for its testing results and effectiveness on viruses and also, how often filter could be washed or change. 

What do we conclude?

After considering the pros and cons of this Mask, we know that Mask doesn’t have any internet reviews as it is newly launched and is not famous yet. Few thoughts are available, and they are demanding more information for this product. So, after analyzing through tr2 Mask Reviewswe suggest customers do more search on their own before ordering it.

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