Top 6 Great Reasons Why Children Excel at a Top International School in Bangkok

Parents are forever consumed with finding the right school for their offspring. It can cause so much concern and anxiety, understanding the importance of giving the next generation the very best grounding to go on and have a happy and successful life.

There are so many factors to take into consideration, wherever in the world the family may be located. Will it be a good environment, are the teachers of a high standard, does the establishment have a good success rate for exams, and will the best facilities be provided? 

Well, for those mums and dads located in what is called the City of Angels in Thailand, there is definite peace of mind when sending their children to Bangkok Patana International School for the following 6 good reasons.

  1. The school instils the highest standard of teaching, carrying a marvellous reputation gained through its 60 years of existence. Each of the teachers are carefully selected, qualified, and highly skilled to provide great schooling for those that they oversee in an environment that continues to look to the future, engaging in modern thinking.
  2. Development is encouraged through a curriculum centred around the American, British, and international systems, meaning that they are universally tried and tested and so that no pupils will be at any disadvantage compared to their peers in the Western world. In the meantime, parents can relax and understand stress management to stay healthy.
  3. Pupils are provided with the maximum opportunity to attain accredited examinations and qualifications in secondary education as they progress through the international school. Every exam has been approved by Thailand’s quality assurance body as well as the council of International Schools. Each is recognised worldwide for its high standards.
  4. Those teachers are supportive and understand the importance of helping their pupils develop so that they have the best chance of attaining the best qualifications to prepare them for further education and a successful career thereafter.
  5. Attending a school with the very best modern facilities offers those attending the very best chance of taking advantage of the learning, as they feel confident and comfortable in their surroundings. Having the best equipment is a huge advantage in gaining knowledge and learning skills, as it allows the teachers to be able to create interesting lessons and get the pupils involved hands-on as the words are brought to life so that fun can be had while learning. Something that can also be done when visiting an exciting education centre and attraction.
  6. The facilities for extra curriculum activities are also second to none, with a perfectly maintained sports field, swimming pool, and tennis courts, as well as dance studios where the arts are taught or in the well equipped music rooms, encouraging the opportunity for creativity in attendees to blossom.

Parents can relax knowing that their children will be given the best chance of learning provided by skilled teachers at an international school of the highest standards, which has a high exam success rate.

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