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The Weeknd Face Real or Fake (Jan) A New Character! >> The guide shares information about the new plastic surgery look of the popular singer.

The Weeknd, a popular performance artist, and singer shocked all his fans with the new look in his new song “Save Your Tears.” The new look of the singer raised the question of The Weeknd Face Real or Fake?

The fans in the United States were shocked after the new look of the singer. Last year, the singer performed in a music award with his face bloodied and bandages. All his fans were worried and concerned about his health. They want to know what happened to Weeknd. The singer has not released any official confirmation, but his fans started believing that his new plastic surgery look has some connection. 

Is The Weeknd Face Real or Fake?

Last year’s performance of The Weeknd at the music award left many fans in shock, and everyone was concerned about his face and health. The singer made his appearance in the music award conducted in the United States with bruises, bandaged and bloodied face.  

Now, the singer again freaked all his fans with yet another plastic surgery look. The Grammy award-winning singer Weeknd posted a new photo on his social media accounts on Tuesday. The photo looks as if the singer has undergone some plastic surgery on his face. Well, fans don’t have to panic; as per the reports, the singer uses prosthetics for his upcoming music video “Save Your Tears.” The video is filmed with the same red blazer he rocked all the other performances. 

The new face of the singer instantly attracted social media’s attention. Many fans started wondering if The Weeknd Face Real or Fake. But if you are his big fan and following him since his work “After Hours,” it is the transformation that makes sense. The singer is known for attempting new looks and shocking his fans.   

What is People’s Reaction?

Soon after the singer’s photo was posted on his Twitter handle, all his fans and followers start showing their reactions to the photo. In the photo, the singer is seen with artificial prosthetics, and the new look shocked everyone. The singer uses facial prosthetics to optimize his appearance for extreme plastic surgery, including fillers around his lips and cheekbones.

Many followers shared their reactions on social media, and many are praying to reverse the singer’s surgery. Some of his fans were also asking the singer to restore his look as they are not happy with his new face. Some of his fans even compared the new look to the “Handsome Squidward.” Many reactions are shared, and people want to know The Weeknd Face Real or Fake despite confirmation.


So, the plastic surgery look of the singer is not real. The Weeknd is known for including many things in his music video, and all his looks have some underlying meaning that he wants to display in his new videos. The Weeknd shared a new plastic surgery look on his social media account to continue with this legacy. If you follow the singer after his popular video “After Hours,” you probably know that the singer likes experimenting with his look. People who want to know if The Weeknd Face Real or Fake must understand that it is fake and not real.  If you have anything to add about his new look, please write it down in the comment section.

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