Techkitti Com scam 2020

Techkitti Com Scam (Dec) Learn About Site Before Using -> Want to send Merry Christmas wishes to your friends and family members? Check out this site.

Are you looking for ways to send customized Xmas wishes to friends and acquaintances? If so, then continue reading.

Many sites are popping up on the digital space that claims to let users send wishes to their contacts. Techkitti Com Scam is one of the trending topics discussing the site that lets people send messages via Whatsapp and Facebook.

The celebrations for Christmas are in full swing in countries like Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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What is this site? 

With Christmas just a day away, many websites are showing up on the internet offering visitors a chance to send wishes to the contacts. One such website is Techkitti com that is allowing users to send Xmas wishes.

Christmas is a festival celebrated all over the world. People send wishes to their friends, family members, and work colleagues during this time of the year. This is where the topic of Techkitti Com scam comes into the picture.

The site lets visitors receive Christmas message on their phone or Facebook account. This message can further be forwarded to other people.

The site is gaining popularity for being suspicious. The origin of the site is unknown, and there is no data available sharing details about the site.

Things to know about the website: 

  • The site lets people download Christmas message.
  • The message includes warm wishes and animations.
  • Currently, the message is available in German.
  • People are discussing Techkitti Com scamas there is not sufficient info available about the site.
  • The site displays a clock that lets users know how many hours are left for Christmas.
  • The animation on the site features a reindeer, Santa Claus, etc.  

How does the site work?

As soon as you visit the site, you can notice the Christmas wish playing on the homepage. The site gives visitors two options for downloading the message. The user can either receive the news on their phone via popular chatting service, Whatsapp or they can receive in their Facebook account.

What are people saying about this site? 

We found a few posts talking about Techkitti Com scam. The lack of information about the site makes it appear suspicious. Many people warn users not to share their personal info on the site as scammers could use it. There is no trace of the site on social media websites.

Concluding remarks

Nowadays, many sites let people download message for festivals like Christmas. However, not all these sites are safe. People should maintain caution while sharing personal data with these sites.

Online posts are discussing the Techkitti Com Scam and warning people not to indulge in this site. If you’ve used this site for sending personalized wishes for Christmas, then leave a comment sharing your experience.

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