Stay in Help Out Scheme £300 (Nov) Is It Legit Or Not? >> This article is about the UK government scheme under which people will get an amount of £300 if they stay at home for six months.  

Are you searching for detailed information about Stay in Help Out Scheme £300? If the answer is yes, you are in the correct place to get all the facts behind such a scheme. 

In Google and on different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, such news gets viral quickly. But all such information is not real. People must differentiate between real and fake news, which are rotating mainly in social media. 

In this article, you will find all the facts behind the Stay in Help Out Scheme of the United Kingdom. Please read the article till the end to get a clear picture of the scheme.

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What is Stay in Help Out Scheme £300?

As per the news that is rotating on different social platforms, Stay in Help Out Scheme £300  is a new UK government scheme where the government announced that if the ordinary people stay at home for the next six months, then each person will get a reward of £300. A form is attached below with the above details on Facebook.If you open the form, there is nothing, just a picture of a chimpanzee. So, it is fake news of social media. There is no scheme brought by the UK government till now.  

Is there any similar scheme offered by the UK government?

Though the Stay in Help Out Scheme £300 is not real, the UK government schemes for the ordinary people’s benefit. The most famous scheme of the UK government is the Eat Out Help Out scheme (EOHO).

EOHO states that the govt will subsidize meals in hotels by 50%, from Monday to Wednesday each week through the entire month of August. The discount is limited to GBP 10 for each head but does not extend to take-away or event catering. It is the only scheme of the UK govt to assist the food sector.

Besides these, the United Kingdom govt also announced that they would give money to those who have low income but tested Covid-19 positive up to £182 for 14 days of isolation.

Why people trusted the Stay in Help Out Scheme?

The main reason for trusting Stay in Help Out Scheme £300 is because the UK govt is continually announcing new schemes for the benefit of the ordinary people in such a crisis of Covid 19. 

Another reason is that people believe the news of social media blindly without checking the news‘s authenticity. 


Stay in Help Out Scheme £300 gets viral on social media quickly because it has mentioned that it is a new UK govt scheme. Every person will get a reward of £300 who stays at home for the next six months.

But this scheme is fake news of social media. Before trusting such information, check it from authentic sources to know about the reality behind such a story. Please mention your comments below.

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