Starbucks Barista Mask Video

Starbucks Barista Mask Video (Oct) Read To Know More! >>In this article, we have highlighted an incident related to wearing a mask due to COVID-19.

Starbucks Barista Mask Video: Since the entire world is suffering from the most significant outbreak in the world’s history in COVID- 19, it has become very important to keep yourself fit and safe. The pandemic is largely caused due to the contagious nature of the virus.

To ensure the customer’s and employees’ safety, Starbucks has strictly mandated to put on a face mask. Starbucks masks are devoid of embellishments such as glitter or rhinestones. According to Starbuck’s statement, this policy will be implemented across all the cafes of the United States, Canada.

What was the Starbucks Barista Mask Video all about?

In San Diego, California, a white woman entered the Starbucks café without putting on the mask. Despite being confronted by a black (Afro-American) employee, she refused to put the mask on and went into a profanity-laced tirade against the employee and the entire staff.

The angry yelling of the white woman berating the black employee and vital campaigns such as ‘black lives matter’ was caught on the video. It has become known as Southern California’s Starbucks Barista Mask Video.

July 2020 Mandate 

Owing to the ‘spiraling-out-of-control’ COVID 19 situations, every employee and customer was mandated to put on facial coverings covering the nose and mouth. Those who cannot put on the mask for any reason related to medical or others can place their orders using other options such as drive-thru, delivery, or mobile order pick up.

What was the reaction to the video that went viral?

The netizens widely condemned the Starbucks Barista Mask Video all across the world. 

Even though it was not a crime, the expletive-laden rant certainly violated the moral code of conduct. It contaminated the decorum of the café.

Starbucks strongly promote a welcoming environment, but at the same time, they cannot compromise a bit regarding the safety of their employees. The behavior was cited to be unprofessional and unwelcoming.   

However, the employee was lauded to de-escalate the tension while serving the drink to the lady, yelling obscenities.

What were the later reactions of both parties?

The Starbuck Barista Mask Video was met with ire from people of all races. The lady felt that her actions were deplorable, and she was willing to apologize to the café employee. The barista confirmed that they would not be leveling any press charges against the women since it was not done with purpose. 

Final Words

In the COVID-19 era, Starbucks has made it very clear that they will play a constructive part in supporting government and health officials to subdue the COVID-19 era.

That was not the only video that resurfaced, but many instances showcased violent confrontations between employees and customers. Thus, most retailers are urging the state governors to compel the shoppers/customers to put on the mask. 

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