St George Utah Mask Protest (Sep 2020) Scanty Reviews. >>As mentioned above, the article is for a protest held in the United States against masks being made mandatory in schools.

In the last few days, all of us have noticed news shared on social media. There are also a lot of discussions and debates happening around this news piece. Yes, we are talking about the ST George Utah Mask Protest.

 It is one trending news in the United States. People are expressing their thoughts on social media regarding this issue. Let’s dive deep into the details and understand what it is all about.

What is ST George Utah Mask Protest?

 ST George Utah Mask Protest is a protest that happened weeks ago, and there were not many talks about it until a TV show decided to show this rally. It was then that the internet took up this issue, and soon, people started talking about it.

This protest was held on August 21 and was attended by hundreds of people. It was to oppose the Utah Gov. Gary Herbert’s new rule that stated that everyone in the school has to wear a mask.

This protest was begun by a conservative group whose name is Liberty Action Coalition. 

It is to be noted that the group is only present on Facebook and was started on this social networking site in July.

Why did people participate in ST George Utah Mask Protest?

People participated in ST George Utah Mask Protest because they thought that the new rule of masks being compulsory interferes in their personal freedom. It is to be noted that this new rule was passed because of the current Covid-19 outbreak, and it will help children stay in a more secure environment.

However, people are claiming it to be child abuse to be forcing children to wear masks.

The reaction of people on ST George Utah Mask Protest:

Most people think that it is absurd even to consider these ways. They believe that it will not only keep the one surrounding you safe. Also, it has been argued by many that face masks will not make someone take in lesser oxygen, nor would it result in issues like hypoxia. 

Though, there are a few who are even linking it to George Floyd’s death as he said, ‘I can’t breathe’ before he died and think that even they are being pushed to the limit of breathlessness by forcing masks upon them.

Though, people are bashing ST George Utah Mask Protest on social media and claim it to be a stupid move. 


We think that it is absurd and foolish and selfish to hold protests against wearing masks. Covid 19 has taken so many lives worldwide, and in such a scenario, it is vital to save our loved ones by providing them with adequate protection.

Wearing a mask is something that will help to keep this global pandemic in check. Thus, we think that people should support this movement.

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