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Spooky Grave com Review [Nov] Will It Legit For Shop? -> Check the website and find out whether this website is the right place to buy a projector or not.

Watching your favorite movies in the creator is incomparable, but the idea of having your own projector is not bad. Do you have your own projector that can assist you in watching movies with a feeling of theatre? If not, you can think of buying one. But before that, read Spooky Grave com Review.

In this article, we will review this website, which is selling a projector in which you can watch your favorite movies and web series uninterruptedly. But before you purchase such an expensive product, ensure you check the website properly. This is important because a lot of people from the United States have a complaint about increasing scam websites. Because of such reasons, we have reviewed the website properly and presented all the information in the post. 

What is Spooky Grave.com? 

Spooky Grave is a shopping website which is dealing only with a single kind of product. You will find a projector which this website is selling. It is a holographic projector that will help you watch your favorite movies in big sizes. This product can give you a feel like you are watching a movie on a big screen. So, having a projector at your place will also increase your family bond as you can sit together and watch your favorite shows with more fun. 

The product sold on the website also comes with some Halloween offer in which you can buy it at a 50% off rate. However, the website is only 14 days old, and we are not ready to trust it with such ease. This is why we have found all the specifications, cons, and positive points of the website to share with you. 

Specifications of Spooky Grave

  • Website: https://spookygrave.com/
  • Product: Projector
  • Contact address: Not Given
  • Mail address: No detail available
  • Payment options: Google pay, Debit card, and Credit card

Pros of buying from Spooky Grave: 

  • The projectors sold on this website come with a 50% off discount offer. 
  • You can watch high-quality videos on the projector, which gives you a real-life feeling. 
  • You get some of the videos with the projector related to Halloween, which to give a real terrifying feeling. 
  • The product is simple to install 

Cons of buying from Spooky Grave: 

  • You will only find the product on the official website. 
  • The website is too new and so buying from it is full of risk
  • There is no social media existence 
  • Lack of customer reviews on reliable and authentic websites

What can be said about the legitimacy of Spooky Grave? 

We have done a thorough investigation from our end so that we can help our readers in making a fair decision. You will find many websites selling projectors, and there was nothing much special in this projector. So, buying an expensive product from a website that is not even a month old is perilous. 

Also, we found that the website has stated a lot of Spooky Grave com Review on the testimonial page, but none of the websites can receive so many positive customer reviews in just 15 days. These points create a lot of doubt in our minds, and we are giving this website a red alert. This website is a scam, and you should stay away from it. 

Customer reviews on Spooky Grave

We found that there are more than 25 reviews on tight itself, and it is hard to believe that no one has given less than 5 stars. Also, it is not possible for a newly built website to gain such popularity. 

Furthermore, if the website itself has so many reviews, there must be a chance that people have reviewed the product and website on other platforms. However, we didn’t found Spooky Grave com Review online. Our trust in this website was reduced because of such dubious things around. Therefore, we will not recommend you to shop from here. 

Final verdict

We did an unbiased review on the website for our readers. We know that trend of buying things online is increasing day by day and so people are also getting involved in many fraudulent activities. For your help, we have done a Spooky Grave com Review and come to the conclusion that it is a scam website. 

This website is very new, and it is trying to give a look of a genuine site by posting 100% positive customer reviews. Our analysis of the website suggests that you should not place an order and look for some other sites for buying a projector. 

0 thoughts on “Spooky Grave com Review [Nov] Will It Legit For Shop?”
  1. This is good to know. However I’m too late in reading this. I only lost $20, thank goodness it wasn’t more. Lesson learned.

  2. I order from them on September 30 and have never heard anything back. When I click on the check status it asks for a domain name from me. I think I got screwed out of my money.

    1. Oh you definitely did. Along with the rest of us. They walked away with our money and will never ship anything.

  3. Just stay away. I thought I ordered the projector but accidentally ordered the screen. Noticed my mistake within a minute and emailed them to correct it asap. Was told a few hours later it was already processed and couldn’t change it. Fine whatever, I can return it right? Well three weeks later I still never saw the package, emailed them again and miraculously received an email back stating “good news your package is on it’s way!” So I did receive it but now can’t return it since the link in my email takes me to an invalid site now. Oh well, only $20 but wish I would’ve researched the site first.

  4. bought the projector & screen… never received. I email them daily and they give me the same lame lies every day. I have demanded a refund. I ordered on September 14th, 2020 (for halloween) and it is now November 11th & I don’t have it. Its not coming & I think I paid about $80.00 Cdn.

  5. I’ve been chasing them for a almost two months asking where my projector and screen were. I finally received the screen yesterday and I was able to enquire as to the whereabouts of the projector. Their reply… I only ordered the screen.
    I have requested a refund… we’ll see how that goes. I am also seeing if VISA will reverse the charge.
    It’s only CDN$28.87 but it’s the principle!
    This is nothing but a scam!

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