Social Security Call Review

Social Security Call Scam 2020 (Sep 2020) Some Facts. >> This article is about social security and the ways to detect scammers with simple tricks.

Do you receive one of those recorded or voice calls that falsely claim to be a government employee? Owning you or letting know some information or asking for some vital information like the pin of your bank account or email password or so on? All these are under the surveillance of social security call scam.

As per the latest news, the Social Security Call Scam 2020 has become stricter than earlier. Scammers become aware of people’s awareness these days. It is why they have already started developing their way to technique. This is why we must be more attentive while attending any phone calls from an unknown number. Here, in this article, we will share some social security beneficiaries with you that all the United States needs to know. 

How to tell the calls are legit or scam?

As the scammers follow some pattern to trap their victims, we must follow the activities’ pattern. Here are some ways that most scammers use when making a phone call, as per Social Security Call Scam 2020. Read these thoroughly.

  • Threatening arrest or legal action:

Getting a phone call about some threat or telling you that you have already violated any rule, these are scams. The Social Security Administration will never threaten you on phone calls. Alternatively, it also does not aware of anyone after violating any rule. As per the Social Security Call Scam 2020, do not follow their words.

  • Asking for your emails or phone number for further use:

Is there is some legit problem regarding social security, the authority will let you know through anyway, either through email or text. They have all the detailed information of each citizen of the United States. If you are getting a call asking for your email if or phone number, this may be a scam. Be aware of it.

  • Misspelling, grammatical mistake, or using typo:

Of the callers or the sender of the text or mail containing the wrong usage of language or grammatical mistake, or using typo, di report them instantly, because they are certainly not from the Social Security Authority (SSA). As per the Social Security Call Scam 2020 rules, the scammers want to look as official as the SSA. However, they fail to do so. Therefore, knowing the loopholes will help you identify the scammers. 

  • Tempting offers in exchange for payment:

The SSA employees never promise you to give any offers or gifts in exchange for anything. They are bound to increase social security if the authority asks them. Only the scam calls ask you for payments in exchange for attractive offers. Please get rid of them.

How to report a scam?

As per the Social Security Call Scam 2020, now you have the right to report the scam callers. If you can identify them, you can report immediately to the Federal Trade Commission at their official website. Once the officers identify the scammers, they take action.

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