Skinprize Com (Nov 2020) A Detailed Review >> This article talks about a site that offers free skin and hats for the popular game Among us.

Are you looking for information relating to Skinprize Com? If it is yes, then you are in the right zone, where you will be introduced to every detail of the website.

Because presently, there are several sites available on the internet which are not safe to browse as those sites take personal information of the users by offering people free skin and hat for playing games.

One of the most famous games which attracts youth a lot in the current scenario is Among Us, especially in the United States. There are many sites that offer free skin for this game, but most of them are a scam, so you must be aware of it.

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What is

Skinprize Com can be defined as a site that offers free skin and hats for the most popular game Among Us. As per the claims of the website, you have to follow the steps which are given on the site.

There are two options like you can select pets and remove ads option, or you can choose free skin and hat; however, both are free. Besides these, the site also shows the live count of the persons who is browsing their site.

Why gamers look for free skin in Among Us Game?

As a player among Us from the United States, most of us aware of the fact that the main attraction of the game is the skins. It maintains roles distinctly and makes the game enjoyable and vibrant. And the in-game customization feature of Among Us enables folk to have a lot of joyous with different skins.

For this reason, there are many scam sites that claim to offer free skin. And one of them is Skinprize Com. This company has no real link available with either Innersloth or Among Us. It has scammed their followers with the offering skins at zero cost.

How do those scams work?

When you visit those sites, you can see that they offer free skin without any charge. You have to follow some of the steps which are given on the front page, like filling any form, or you need to install any app.

While doing so, your mobile, account information and browsers are particularly prone to hackers and malware attacks. So, please be aware of such sites like Skinprize Com and keep a distance from them.


This site offers free skin and hats for the game Among Us. According to the claims of the website, you have to follow the steps which are given on the website.

You can contact them by filling a form where you need to mention your name, email address and query. The only restriction which is given on their site is that a person must be of 18 years of age for using the website.

Moreover, this site is created one and a half months back; hence such a site is not reliable, and no customer reviews are available about Skinprize ComSo, this site is not legit, and we will recommend everyone to stay away from it.Kindly give your opinion in the comment section below.

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