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Skara Mall Reviews [June] Read This Review Before Buying -> This article aims at giving you an analysis of a new online retailer of pet products. 

Do you like grooming your pet at home because you hate the exorbitant at the groomers? Then you will fancy the Skara Mall website

If you are a pet owner, you will know that $30-$90 can be spent on an average to get your pet a good trim. You can give your beloved pooch a fancy groom right at home with the help of the right trimmers and clippers. 

Skara Mall Reviewsgives you advice regarding a website that sells pet supplies, amongst others. If you are a resident of the United States, then you may have heard of Skara Mall. 

Let’s dig deep and find out if the website is legit or merely scamming you of your money. 

What is Skara Mall? 

Skara Mall is an online retailer that sells mobile phone accessories, home, and living, home and kitchen, pet, and baby products. The product categories are such that you will be left with making a purchase. 

They collaborate with large companies to purchase trendy products. Skara Mall aims to sell products that are as per a customer’s desire at a fraction of the price. There are social media icons present, but on clicking them, you will redirect us to the about us page of the website. 

Skara Mall’s creation date will tell you that it was established a month ago, which is never a good sign. The website is new also means it could have been made with an attempt to scam unsuspecting customers. 

What is unique about Skara Mall?

The fact that the website has a variety of products available on the website is unique. A website with a healthy amount of options and product categories ensures there is something for everybody. 

This variety means the website is not restricted to catering to a select clientele. Whether you are a parent, pet owner, or just looking to revamp your home, you will be able to find something that will fit in your budget and at the same time, be of a quality worth bragging about. 

Skara Mall also possesses an SSL certificate, and you can find that out by clicking on the lock icon right next to the website URL. So, you can quickly check that out! It does make the website stand out and unique. Don’t you think? 

Specifications of Skara Mall

  • Products- pet supplies, toys & games, home & living, electronics, other accessories 
  • Website- 
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Phone number- +1 4089020923
  • Shipping/processing time- processes Monday- Friday 
  • Delivery time- 3- 10 days, 7-10 days for international shipping 
  • Shipping fee- $4.99- standard shipping, $7.99- worldwide shipping 
  • Return- must be made within 30 days of receiving 
  • Exchange- is not accepted 
  • Refunds- issued within 1-2 business days 
  • Online payment- PayPal, Visa card, American Express, Discover, etc 

Pros of purchasing from Skara Mall

  • The website offers worldwide delivery 
  • There is a vast selection of products to choose from 
  • You can make secure online payments 
  • The SSL certificate will ensure your information is encoded 
  • The shipping details mentioned provide clarity 
  • They provide quick refunds 
  • Each product contains informative details 
  • The products available are at reasonably priced 
  • They offer free shipping over $99

Cons of purchasing from Skara Mall 

  • The website was created less than a month ago 
  • They do not allow exchanging of products 
  • The address provided on the site is fake 
  • A shipping charge of $4.99 or $7.99 will be made on purchases below $99 
  • The about us information is vague 
  • Does not have promising review videos 
  • The refund will not include the shipping costs 
  • Clicking on their social media links will redirect you to different pages of the website 

Customer review of the Skara Mall

A YouTube review of the website mentions the address mentioned as fake and not where the brand’s offices are. They also charge an excessive amount for shipping and delivery. 

It is also essential to notice that clicking on any of their social media icons will redirect you to different pages on the website. It will make it confusing to make a clear judgment of the legitimacy of the website. 

Final Verdict- 

The Skara Mall website seems legit, but many of the pointers mentioned above speak against the site. There are limited reviews available, which means it is difficult to base a solid opinion. 

Also, it is set up not even a month ago could mean that it is not safe to make purchases from it. 

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  1. It’s a fake website. They took my money almost $200 and I never recieved my product. Phone number they give is also fake.

  2. This is a 100% scam. Pay Pal sends your money to Vi VAN DI and he sends you a tracking number. Thats all you get. The item neb=ver arrives. The phone number on your receipt is disconnected. Pay Pay is NO HELP at all.

  3. Its not a good place to shop I never received my item! Or got a reply form any one working there its not good to place an order from them waiting on pay pal to fix this ! # never got my order!

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