Shopconsole com Reviews (Dec 2020) Legit Or Not? >> This article review will help you to assist the website that deals with gaming consoles and accessories and find out it is a scam or not?

Shopconsole com Reviews: The Population of the world is growing day by day. Further, the need for an increasing population is also increasing, and one need is entertainment. Almost every human requires something to kill their boredom in free time. 

Few people prefer to read books, and some people love to play video games. Apart from this, modern technology improves the video game’s Processor Speed, memory capability, and Graphics. Use of real-time graphics in video games makes them like the real world. That’s why every teenager and youngsters love to play a high graphics video game.

Besides this, now in the United Kingdom, the video game console market is the fastest-growing market. Further, new regular improvements and gaming console advancements give a more realistic and much intensive experience to gamers.

Here we have a store on the internet that deals with the passionate and latest gaming Products. Let us get the information for this website through the website reviews.

A few words for Shopconsole com

It is an online store in the UK. This store deals only deals with the gaming gadgets and setups of video games. This website is passionate about gaming and provides the best product at the best prices. Further, this website includes products like Play Stations 4 and 5 consoles with games and its accessories. In addition to this, it also sells the products of Xbox, Nintendo, and Personal Computer games.

Further, the products on this website are original and of the latest technology. Let us explore the website by getting into the description of Shopconsole com Reviews.

Description of the Shopconsole com 

  • URL:  if you want to purchase gaming consoles from this website, then go to
  • Products Available: This website mainly deals in gaming Consoles of leading brands like PS, Xbox, and Nintendo. Further, this website has consoles, Games, and accessories of PS5, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC games. Also, this website makes a pre-order booking for some products.
  • Physical address: this store mentions their physical address on the website, that is Plaza de Los Hibiscus, O San bartlome de Tirajana 35100 Las Palmas, Spain. Let explore Shopconsole com Reviews for customer supports the information. 
  • Customer support: this website mention email address and phone number for customer support that is +44 7311492609 and [email protected].
  • Shipping: This website takes charge from 6.90 to 19.90 Euros for product delivery in the United Kingdom.
  • Product’s Guarantee: This website provides a guarantee of 24 months on their products.
  • Social Media: You can share products on your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. 
  • Payment method: Customers can pay by credit cards, debit cards, and Mastercard.

Pros of shopping on Shopconsole com

  • The products of this website cover the guarantee period of 24 months.
  • The website connection is secured and integrated with HTTPS and SSL.
  • This website mentions its physical address on the website.
  • This website provides customer support by email and call.

Let check out the drawbacks of this website through Shopconsole com Reviews.

Cons of shopping on Shopconsole com 

  • We do not find any product reviews on its website and the internet.
  • This online store does not mention its return and refund condition on the website.
  • Also, this website does not mention the expected delivery time for products.
  • This website has no option for the newsletter subscription.
  • This website does not have any official accounts on the website.
  • A few grammatical errors found on the website.
  • This website has only limited options for payment methods.

What did customers think of the products and services of this online store?

On analyzing through Shopconsole com Reviews, we did not find any products and services reviews from the customers on the internet. Few customer testimonials are mentioned on the website, but these may be paid or fake testimonials. So, we are not able to say anything about the product quality and services of the website.

What did we conclude?

During exploration, we get to know that website is new and created four months ago. Further, this website has many negative points. Also, we don’t find any reviews on the internet and its website, and testimonials on the website appear to be Fake. So, we suggest gamers stop shopping from this website as this site seems to be a Scam website.For more information on Shopconsole com Reviews, please write to us in the comment section.


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  1. I have ordered an Xbox series x from this site. Concerned as I have it received a confirmation email and I have tried to contact through WhatsApp and they redirected me to email ( even though they had clearly saw my message). Also, they have changed their WhatsApp status from business back to personal. I have spoken to bank who has advised I ask for a refund. I’m yet to have a reply from ShopConsole. I have an awful feeling it is a scam. I also noticed it appear to be linked to Mytechno site which had terrible reviews and so I think they are same company just switch names to fool more people probably. I am trying to leave review and there seems no way to do that. A reputable company would facilitate reviews. Watch out people. It’s ruining our Xmas- don’t let it ruin yours!

  2. Fake site, address is nonexistent phone number doesn’t work and the WhatsApp like comes back as not on what’s app. I have emailed them and never got a response from them. Definitely wouldn’t use this site as to many red flags

  3. Have just purchased Xbox series x, there was nothing about a delivery date on the page until after i purchased, saying they deliver from 10/1/21.
    The confirmation email had a tracking link which does not work at all. I have filled out the customer support area to cancel and refund the order, which i believe they will not reply to. Definitely would not recommend this

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