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Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Review (Dec 2020) Should Use It? >> Are you curious to know about the new vacuum cleaner by Samsung? Then, check out the article.

Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Review: This era is full of new technical inventions. Every day designers and engineers invent something new that made human life more manageable. One of them is vacuum cleaners. But, the old versions of vacuum cleaners are heavy and need long electrical wires. Due to this, it is not easy to operate for everyone.

But now, vacuum cleaners are cute and robotics. They work automatically in your absence. These types of robotic vacuum cleaners are blessed for Families in Australia because people of this continent work around the clock and prefers to spend their weekend with family. 

Besides it, this robotics vacuum cleaner will do two works at one time. Soon this will be available in Australian Stores. Let us help you by taking a look at it.

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What is Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum cleaner?

It is a robotic vacuum cleaner by a renowned company in the world. Samsung is famous for its electronic appliances and gadgets. Now, this company is going to launch a new E series vacuum cleaner. It does Mopping and Cleaning at the same time and saves lots of time. It does work in your absence and works silently. Further, you can operate this Samsung robotic vacuum cleaner from your mobile phone. Let get detailed information about this innovative product by going through Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Review.

Details of Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum CleanerLi-ion Battery: it has a lithium-ion battery with a 3400mAh battery capacity—the battery long-lasted upto 150 Minutes.

Charging time: Large capacity batteries need more time to charge the battery. This vacuum cleaner takes upto 240 min to recharge itself. 

Consumption power: it consumes less energy than other that is 55W, and the charger consumes only 24W.Cleaning Speed: it has a cleaning speed of 0.32 m/sec and covers the 160 mm area to clean during its cleaning process.

Dust storage: It stores upto 0.2 L of dust in a dust storage tank. It is easy to clean and washable too. Let take a look at its size via Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Review.

Size: the dimensions of this innovative Cleaner are 340 X 85 X 340mm.Height tolerance: It is slim in size, and its height is 85 MM. So. It cleans below the furniture easily. 

Sensors: it has a Gyro sensor that controls its movements, and an Anti-collision sensor works gently in the house corner. Further, it also has a Bumper sensor and Anti-drop sensor, which safe it from falling. 

Cleaning Mode: it has four cleaning modes that are Zig-Zag, Edge, Spot, and Auto

WI-FI: this is Wi-Fi operated vacuum cleaner. You can control it by its app and set the setting like cleaning mode, Suction power, Mopping, and Water flow speed.

Every product has advantages and disadvantages. Let take a look at it by continuing through Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Review.

Advantages of Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Cleaner

  • It has convenience features like Scheduling and controls through Wi-Fi.
  • It does auto docking for battery charging. So, you don’t need to worry about charging.
  • It does work silently.
  • It has several cleaning modes. You can set them accordingly, room space.
  • It does smart and safe cleaning with its sensors.
  • The dust box is easy to remove and clean. Also, you can rinse it in water.
  • You can do both cleaning and Mopping by it.

Disadvantages of Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Cleaner

  • It takes too much time for Battery charging, that is four hours.
  • Dust capacity is too low to store dust and debris.
  • Limited reviews are available on the internet.
  • It does not work correctly on Black floors and dark-colored floors.

What did its old users think about Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum cleaner?

On analyzing through Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Review, we understand that this is a new product and doesn’t gain enough popularity yet. It will soon be available in Australia. But a review found on its manufactures official website and user is complaining about its function on the dark floor. Further, he added in it that sometimes it does not detect its charging dock.

Final verdict

After considering the above analysis, we think that product is new and not launched worldwide yet. Further, we don’t find enough reviews to say anything about its quality and function.For more queries for Samsung Powerbot E Vacuum Review, Please write to us via the comment section.

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