Safe Davao (Nov 2020) Trace It Now! >> In this article, you explored a QR registration website that crashed due to high web traffic volume!

Are you having issues while registering for a QR code? Sara Duterte, the Mayor of Davao City, Philippines, introduced a new QR code to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the city.

However, the website to register a QR code crashed on November 5, 2020, just two days before the last registration date.   

This article will provide you with all the details you want to know about Safe Davao

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What is Safe Davao?

As the Covid-19 cases are increasing, the Mayor of Davao City has issued a Directive to use QR or DQR to enter or travel in the city. These codes will help trace the people who came in contact with the person who is Covid-19 positive.

Tracing them will help to stop the further spread of Coronavirus in Davao city. Any individual who is a non-resident of the town will need a DQR code. Those who are travelling by air would need two codes: one for entering the city and the second to exit from the Davao International Airport. However, the website crashed two days before the last date of registering for Safe Davao

You can download the QR or DQR codes from You can register through this website and get your personal QR or DQR codes. 

What is the Last Date of Registration For Safe Davao?

The last date of registration for QR or DQR code is November 7, 2020. The Davao city residents and non-residents are required to carry their QR or DQR codes to enter or travel in Davao.

The registration site crashed two days before the last date of Safe Davao

Why Did the Registration Site Crash?

Davao’s government’s technical team is working to decongest the website. The city residents are concerned about getting the problem fixed because it is mandatory to carry the QR code when stepping out of the house or entering the city.

The crashing of the registration site for QR codes made many people curious to fix the issue. Many assumed it to be a cyberattack, which resulted in a crashed site.

However, the Safe Davao for registering the QR code site crashed due to heavy traffic on the website. The crash’s primary cause was a mismatch of the number of users visiting the website and its capacity.


Mayor Sara Duterte issued the Directive for carrying a QR or DQR code to enter or travel the Davao city on November 3, 2020. According to the guidelines, taking the codes will be necessary with effect from November 7, 2020.

However, the registering the QR codes get crashed. The site is not available right now. The technical team is working hard to decongest the site, which crashed due to the high traffic volume.We request our viewers to keep the technical team’s patience regarding Safe Davao to decongest the site to restart the QR or DRQ codes’ registration process.

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