Roomba 692 Reviews (Oct 2020) Is it a Legit Deal? >> This article offers information on a Wi-fi connected smart vacuum system that cleans every corner of your home or office.

Who doesn’t like spotlessly clean floors? However, cleaning does require a lot of time and effort. How about a cleaning system that connects to your Wi-fi and conducts automatic cleaning?

Sounds like an answer to all cleaning woes, isn’t it? Here is Roomba 692, a revolutionary device with high tech features and supercool functioning. This smart gadget is already a massive hit with customers in the United States and Canada. 

Our Roomba 692 Reviews will throw more light on this progressive product. 

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What is Roomba 692?

Roomba 692 is a Robot vacuum system powered by iRobot Genius that connects to Wi-FiThis state-of-the-art gadget provides excellent cleaning of dust, dirt, and debris with just a voice command or automated settings. Roomba 692 learns from your cleaning habits to give customized cleaning schedules to Alexa and Google Home.

It’s iRobot Home App targets on-demand cleaning. You can direct the robot to clean up target spots. This way you can keep doing your work while your robot cleans up the mess.

The system moves freely under the furniture and also around it. 

The 692 model offers extra cleaning during the pet-shedding season and when there is more pollen in the air.This vacuum is very handy and as not bulky as other cleaning gadgets.

Can you imagine that Roomba 692 automatically returns to its charging station whenever the battery is running low?This amazing gadget is available in-store or online at more than 100 stores in the United States and Canada.

You can purchase it at Best Buy USA & Canada, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowe’s, Macy’s,, Walmart, and many more. 

One can also buy it online on

Some of its exclusive features are- 

  • Patented Dirt Direct- Sensors on the device direct it to clean under and around the surfaces and also on surfaces more prone to dirt
  • 27° angle feature- Removes debris from corners and edges
  • Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head- Helps the device to adapt its height automatically to clean different floor surfaces whether hard floor or soft carpet
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System- Advanced sensors provide a thorough clean up from the smallest dirt particles to big debris
  • Dual Multi-Surface Brushes– Cleaning brushes loosen dirt and pick up dirt from different surface types
  • AeroVac Filter- Maintains the cleaning performance of the device, decreases infiltration of dirt and dust substantially
  • Cliff Detect- Stops it from falling over the stairs

Specifications of Roomba 692:

  • Product- 1 Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum and 1Home Base Charging Station
  • Website-
  • Customer care phone number- 1-877-855-8593
  • Dimensions- 3.6” height and 13.4” width 
  • Weight of Robot- 6.77 pounds
  • Type of battery- Lithium-ion
  • Return and exchange- Applicable but conditions apply
  • Phone number (for returns and online purchases)- 1-800-727-9077
  • Refund- Within 30 days

Let’s learn more about it through our unbiased Roomba 692 Reviews.

Pros of Roomba 692:

  • One of the smartest and best ways to clean up
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Easy to clean its bin and filter
  • Very sleek design fits in with your home decor
  • Easily portable
  • You can schedule the system daily to clean up your home or office
  • Connects with the iRobot Home App and with your smartphone voice assistant
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • A year warranty on parts and a 2-year limited warranty 

Cons of Roomba 692:

  • Little noisy
  • Can be a bit disobedient, at times takes longer to return to charging Home Base
  • Customer pays the shipping cost for returns
  • The 60-day money-back guarantee and limited warranty do not hold good if you use the product outside North America
  • iRobot limited warranty does not apply if you buy from dealers not authorized by iRobot Corporation

Customer reviews on Roomba 692:

Roomba 692 Reviews by customers are just overwhelming.

Most people are happy with this improved version as it is smarter and comes with very good suction. 

They are appreciative that it sends alerts on iRobot smartphone App on getting stuck.

A few customers complain that the robot is not very good at finding its way around the house for the first few days. However, after initial hiccups, it does adjust to the layout of the house.

Final Verdict:

Hope our Roomba 692 Reviews have given you enough information about the product. To conclude, Roomba 692 is a better version than its counterparts. 

It can be a bit loud and at times takes longer to return to its home base. But, its positives certainly outweigh its negatives.

You can go ahead and buy it. It comes with a 60-day warranty that allows you to return the product in case it does not suit your needs.

Your reviews on Roomba 692 are welcome. Please update customers more about this device by posting your comments here.

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