Reviews (Dec 2020) Want To Earn? >> If you want any other side income for yourself other than your job, then this article has fantastic news for you.  

Do you want an online gig other than your routine job?We have fantastic news for you today in this ReviewsThis pandemic has caused a significant loss for many people who lost their well-paying jobs all around the United States. This hits people from all around the world, and they are now searching for side incomes other than their well-paid job. 

We are talking about an online platform that offers online transcription work that can be done quickly while staying at home. Before proceeding further with this review, we want to recommend a fantastic free seven lesson mini-course that is quite suitable for the transcribers.

If you’re going to start working at, you should keep up a fantastic typing skill, good English and grammar language, and a PayPal account that you should not have.

Story behind

This Reviews is one of those online platforms that offer audio transcriptions for everyone, and it doesn’t have any restrictions for beginners or experienced transcribers. This platform was founded in 2010 after it got funding from the Globespan Capital Partners; after it is founded and established, it has just changed the transcription industry’s world. It is a fantastic working portal for both of them who upload their audio files and the freelance transcribers who want to work on the same platform. 

Before registering yourself as a transcriber in this platform, you need to train yourself for this job; we have mentioned the training lesson above in the Reviews. You need to pass the sixty-minute test under this platform; after this test, you will surely get fantastic typing skills and grammar skills. 

Let us tell you about the transcription equipment, and you need to have a computer, a fantastic internet connection, and a noise-canceling headset to smoothly work on this platform in the United States.

Payment Options 

If talking about this platform’s payment mode, this website has PayPal as their payment mode, and it pays once a week. If you worked the whole week, then you will get paid on Monday. Reviews pays $0.65 per audio, and this pay scale depends on the quality of the audio, the number of speakers speaking in the audio, the urgency of the work, etc. In the very starting this platform used to pay $25 per audio hour, and after 2014 they raised it to $30 per audio hour. 

Final Verdict 

To work smoothly under this platform, you should have firefox, safari, or a chrome browser as your default browser, and you should also get the updated Adobe Flash Player to gain access to the files of this platform.

It is the most significant advantage of working on this platform as you can get quick cash in your account whenever you need it. You can work on this platform from any corner of the world as this Reviews hires freelancers from all around the globe. Do read this review if you want to earn extra cash other than your job, and also comment on your valuable opinions on this in the comments box below. 

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