Remvnmo Scam 2020

Remvnmo Scam [August 2020] Complete Guided Reviews! >> Read this article if you want to know more about the scam site Remvnmo.

Have you come across a text that says could make $500 in a day for working with Venmo? From the confines of your home? 

This enticing offer led many to open up a complete fake website with nothing to do with the work from home opportunity. 

Instead, the directs people to a site that offers a bunch of random services. Does this mean Remvnmo Scam

Grave allegations are being made about the United States based online money transferring app Venmo! 

This phenomenon has been a recent occurrence and has left a lot of people questioning why scams and glitches are common with Venmo! 

If you are one of the many curious about what is happening, you must keep reading it. 

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What is Remvnmo? 

Remvnmo or Venmo is an app that provides online or digital payment services. Using it a user can transfer money by only using their mobiles. 

PayPal owns this company, and its services are only provided to those that reside in the United States.

Venmo scams are quite popular, and the latest one sees scammers sending text messages to unsuspecting customers. 

This scam text states that Venmo is on the lookout to hire five people and to pay them $ 500 daily. The text also provides a link to a website. 

This link is currently showing a ‘this page cannot be found’ banner, but as per reviews and various users, it previously showed different services and products

These had nothing to do with job opportunities but just a malicious motive to open the scam site!

Keep in mind that, on most occasions, scammers look for enticing ways to coax people into providing them with personal information. 

Specification of the Remvnmo Scam

  • A lot of people in the United States received texts regarding the Venmo looking for five people to hire. 
  • This payment would be made to their Venmo accounts. 
  • The text claimed that if shortlisted, the person would earn $500 each day for working from home. 
  • There is a link provided in the text. 
  • This link would open a website that talked about anything but what they claimed in the text. 
  • It instead offered the customer with random services. 
  • This was the scammer’s attempt at stealing the user’s personal and financial information. 
  • The scam website can currently not be accessed as the page shows ‘the page can’t be found.’ 
  • The scam has been looked into by Venmo as well as authorities 

Is Remvnmo Scam? 

At the moment, on opening the link of the website, you will be redirected to a page that will say ‘the page can’t be found.’ 

Right of the bat telling you, there is something fishy about the site and maybe Remvnmo Scam

The website has a creation date that is less than six months old, and as per our analysis, everything about its creator has been mysteriously hidden. 

The famous review site debunks common myths around scam sites; the scam doc mentions of the Remvnmo site have a 1% trust score index. 

Most scam sites cannot survive for long, and that is the case with the Remvnmo too! Moreover, there has no news from Venmo making any claims of sending out such messages! 

It can be safely assumed that this website is a complete scam and we request all readers to avoid giving head to any such messages. 

What are people’s thoughts about the Remvnmo? 

The Remvnmo Scam has gathered a lot of attention as numerous articles claim of Venmo always landing its users in trouble. 

The commenters and online news/review sites mention this scam not having any relation to the company directly as text messages are being sent. 

But comment about the link provided in the text message tricking people in opening a scam site that could easily access the user’s personal information. 

They also write about this scam being infamous for stealing identity and that law enforcement are looking into the matter. 

However, their search has been inconclusive, and they still struggle to find the masterminds behind this operation. 


We request everybody to read this to report such a devious message to the ITRC if you have received it as Remvnmo Scam . 

For the sake of your safety and the safety of your personal information, it is of top priority to not fall for such messages.

Readers, we request you to be more diligent and to ignore such messages as they are almost always a scam.   

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