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Qrpass Sawsawhar Gov Com (Sep 2020) Know More. >> In this article, you read about a website helping register business online for an Asian country.

Myanmar government has developed a unique process of ensuring businesses keep running while avoiding the COVID 19 contagion. For purposes of registering your business and vehicles associated with that business, online via Qrpass Sawsawhar gov com.

If you are running a business, we suggest you stay with us until the end of this article to know more about the process.

What is qrpass.sawsawhar.gov.mm?

To tackle the spread of Coronavirus and ensure the country’s businesses face no difficulties in renewing or registering their licenses, the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry has come up with an innovative way.

The Qrpass Sawsawhar gov comwas initiated early this year upon the onset of lockdown to ensure the permissible business could carry on administrative registration operations online. Institutions like factories, mills, large and small corporations, and other companies that have been cleared by the Ministry of Health & Sports can register online and continue with their operations.

The government started the site to help businesses continue earning revenue and stay afloat during the lockdown period.

How to register on Qrpass Sawsawhar gov com?

Qrpass Sawsawhar gov com is effortless to use. The detailed procedure to be followed to register companies and even vehicles related to the business operations are available in pdf format online, and you can download it for free.

For people having businesses in Myanmar, you need to log in on to the official website and create an account. The account requires a regular email ID, followed by an OTP to verify the same. Once the account is created, you need to put in your business’s name and the relevant details associated with it. 

The form also has the provision to enter details, names, photos, addresses, job profiles, etc. for your employees. You can add more by clicking on a button “Additional Details.” Once all entries are done, enter “Company Profile” and Save.

For vehicles, click on “Vehicle Details” and “Vehicle List” and enter Vehicle type, registration details, license plate number, and other details and click save. To enter more than one vehicle, click on “Additional Details” and Save the same.

Once all entries are complete, click on “Submit.”

A Statutory warning by the government states that only permitted and real businesses should register as any fraud if discovered on a later stage would be on the owner. He would be held responsible for the laws of the land.

How are People responding?

Business owners of Myanmar have found Qrpass Sawsawhar gov com to be a blessing in disguise. While the lockdown has brought about many woes and losses, this online registration has allowed them to continue their operations somewhat smoothly, which would have otherwise stopped


Qrpass Sawsawhar gov com is a laudable initiative by the government and has helped support the country’s economy, which otherwise would suffer even more grievously due to lockdown.

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