Proximity Voice Chat Among Us (Nov 2020) Do Chit-Chat! >> The article, as mentioned above, is for a new add-on to the game Among Us.  

Among Us has made a decent place for itself amidst the gamers in no time. Every time there is a new feature launched, it takes away everyone’s attention. Now the latest addition to it is the Proximity Voice Chat Among Us

Well, it is something that has captured the attention of netizens in the United States and Worldwide. This feature is something that will build up effective communication in the game. It will help one understand better about the Imposter in the game. So, read on to find out all that you should know of this latest development.

What is Proximity Voice Chat Among Us?

Among Us is one viral multiplayer game that is available on Android, iOS, and PC. It is a game in which the crew members work towards finding out the Imposter in the game. Though, the imposters have to do towards hiding themselves in the shadows and take out the crew. 

So, this is how you play the exciting game. Now the game has added another feature in it, which is the Proximity Voice Chat Among Us

In case, in the United States, the game controls who gets to hear what, such as there might be the possibility that only alive people can talk to each other in the game and that too when they are close to each other, They might call out to each other, etc. 

However, it brings more reality to the gameplay as it helps build the atmosphere for the game. The USP of this feature is that it is easier and quicker than typing. So, when people are close to each other, the voice will be louder, and the agent will start fading through Proximity Voice Chat Among Us when people move away from each other.

How will it benefit the game?

It will be quicker to talk to each other like this. After using it, it will add a lot of suspense and create the perfect atmosphere for playing. It will also help the imposters meet up and make the ideal strategy to ace the game. Also, it will add up the level of mind games, etc.

Player’s feedback:

The players think that this feature will add a lot of thrill and suspense to the game. As per them about Proximity Voice Chat Among Us, it will be a fantastic add on to the game. Though, some of them think that spammers will use it in the wrong way once this feature is added in the game and that the players will take a long time to get used to this new situation.

Final Conclusion:

This feature that will help the users to access voice chat instead of typing manually. It will help the players to create a competitive environment where everything is like real life. The players will get a more immersive experience by playing in such a manner.Put your thoughts about Proximity Voice Chat Among Us in the comment part below. 

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