Port on East Coast of Cyprus (Nov) Sort It! >> Today, this article is about finding out the answer of a puzzle related with port in Cyprus.

The Port of East Coast of Cyprus is the largest Port located in the city of Limassol. The post is the busiest one in the Eastern Mediterranean and is the only Port found on that particular island.

In this article, we will be letting the readers know every single detail about the Port on the East Coast of Cyprus, which is situated in the United Kingdom

A seaport is a stop or a destination designed for the ships to board and DE boards their stuff, especially for Cargo’s purpose.

It also serves as the station or the toll (in local language) to enter a country organized by the government. Here, we will find the answer to a puzzle related to this Port. 

What is the Port on the East Coast of Cyprus?

The Port on East Coast of Cyprusis the seaport in the city of Limassol, United Kingdom. It is considered one of the officials and government authorized Port in that city for all the functioning.There was only one Port by this name until 1956, after which a new one was built in 1973. 

The old one was considered the busiest one that was important to many countries and companies for transportation outside and inside Limassol. 

Specifications of The Port on the East Coast of Cyprus 

  • A point of evacuation for the refugees
  • A point of the evacuation of the eastern people
  • Situated in the United Kingdom.
  • Established Port for the country
  • A major port for the shipping countries
  • the main Port of Limassol
  • It is now a fishing centre
  • It will be transformed into a leisure point soon.
  • The main point for the Cargo on that island
  • It was opened in 1974
  • Cyprus Ports Authority owned it
  • The Port can hold vessels up to 250 m.

How is it accessible to people?

The Port on the East Coast of Cyprus was opened in 1974. It was the new Port, and in 2016, it was transformed and was given private authority to a consortium owned by a company named Eurogate International. They will be continuing their operations from there, and it will be a container terminal for them. It will soon open for the passenger terminal for many purposes, and DP World will handle it. It is the largest seaport in Limassol.

Find the puzzle answer

Here, we have a puzzle about the Port on East Coast of Cyprus through a crossword clue. We can find the best answer by considering some of the hints as available on the website related to Port & resort of Cyprus and get to know the correct word. 

Final Verdict

The Port is the busiest in the past days and is considered the most significant post in the region of Limassol, United Kingdom. The people have praised the development in the area, and the Port can be said to be an actual estate. The history of this place is to be looking forward and is a historical development. 

At the end of the story, we failed to find any such relevant clues and get to know that the possible answer of Port on East Coast of Cyprus would be “Famagusta”.                    

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