Plinth Vacuum Reviews (Dec 2020) Worth Buying? >> Do you want to get rid of bending down and swiping up all the dust? Then, check out this new product below!

Plinth Vacuum Reviews: Is your back in constant pain? Is the daily chore of swiping the floor and then picking up the dust particles feels like a military task to you? Then here is Sweepovac is here and has brought with itself an all-new product.

While doing the daily chore of swiping the how with any broom, there is always the challenging task to bend down and collect all the dust particles, and for any, constant bending down causes some severe back issues.

But, for the people of the United Kingdom, Sweepovac is here to save the day, and it has introduced a new product that can be purchased from online platforms.

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What is Plinth Vacuum Reviews?

“Sweepovac Kitchen Vacuum For Kitchen Plinths – Stainless Cover” is a product introduced by Sweepovac company in the United Kingdom market and has since become the customers favourite.It is a type of vacuum that can be fixed inside the kitchen drawers’ plinths; what makes this product more desirable is that it can be installed pretty easily. There are videos of installing it underneath the kitchen drawers that videos can be found on media platforms such as YouTube.

This product has revolutionized the market because all the dust that has been swept with the help of a broom can be collected inside it, and within it, there is a bag that will collect all the dust and later it can be thrown into the garbage.

While some say that ha regular vacuum will do the job just fine, they also know that brings out the big machine to clean a small mess, like crumbs dropped by children, is a task itself, whereas when you have a machine like this, those crumbs can be easily picked without any hazel. 


  • Product:  Sweepovac Kitchen Vacuum For Kitchen Plinths – Stainless Cover
  • The cover of the product is made out of stainless steel, making it more durable in kitchen conditions as there are chances of water touching its surface.
  • For safety that is a mechanism installed that turns off the switch automatically after 10 seconds
  • There is also a light installed in it which indicates when the bag inside the vacuum is full
  • It requires a minimum plinth height of 116 mm
  • It comes with a two-year warranty 
  • The cut that the buyer has to make to install it underneath the cabinet will be 330X110 mm
  • Four disposables will be provided at the time of purchase, and more can be brought from the market as the bag used here are of standard size.

Pros of buying Plinth Vacuum Reviews:

  • It is easy to use and easy to install
  • No bending down anymore, so not back issues
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Whoever brought this product is happy with it, and it has some good reviews

Cons of buying Plinth Vacuum:

  • Not available right now. 
  • Price is a bit steep. 

Is Sweepovac Kitchen Vacuum For Kitchen Plinths legit?

The company Seepovac is an institution built in making machine used for vacuuming. It can be said that their main product is vacuum cleaners, so the product made by them will be well researched and of top quality.With that, it can be said that that product is legit, and potential customers can purchase this without any doubt.

Customer feedback on Plinth Vacuum Reviews:

There are many reviews available on the website, so it becomes easy to determine the customers’ reviews regarding this product.Some customers who have brought the product say that this is the best purchase they have ever made, as because of this, they don’t bend much while swiping, which has helped them in many ways.Some have loved this product so much they have given it a nickname, and that proves that this product is so helpful that they made it a member of the family.

Final verdict:

In conclusion, it can be said that this is a good purchase, as there are so many good reviews posted by many of its buyers, which automatically makes it a desirable product.Whereas if the potential buyer is not aware of the product much and wants to know more, they must read the Plinth Vacuum Reviews first. That way, they have the full knowledge about it.

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