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Play Fall (Sep 2020) Reveal More About this Site. >> In the above article, you read about the upcoming mobile version of a popular game.

The popularity of various games has increased drastically due to lockdowns in several areas due to the Corona Virus spread.

This lockdown has given the time and opportunity for players to try different games on different platforms. People in the United States are going crazy for the Fall guy game, a multiplayer game.

According to Play Fall Guys. Com, this game will soon be available for the mobile platform, but in China only, which has disheartened this game’s fans.

Read the following article to know more about Play Fall Guys. Comand recent updates about this game.

What is Fall, guys?

Developed by Media tonic, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown is a video game that is very popular among players. This game is based on similar ideas behind the shows like Wipeout, Takeshi’s Castle, It’s a Knockout, etc.  

In this game, a maximum of 60 players can join each match. Each player is allotted a jelly-like avatar, has to go three different three-dimensional mazes, and qualifies to the next level. Each game is a combination of various mini-games that can be selected by the players themselves.

Where is it available?

The PC version of this game is available for the players. It is also available on Play Station 4. Many websites, too, offer the online version of this game wherein multiple players can join and compete against each other.

It is being heard that the mobile version will also be available for the players soon. 

What is the news?

The recent news about Play Fall Guys. Com is it is being said that the mobile version for the game will soon be out in the market. However, it will be available in China alone.

The rights for this game is purchased by the Chinese entertainment company Bilibili. The game will be available in the name of Jelly Bean: Ultimate Knockdown in China.

Play Fall Guys. Com Reviews

Play Fall Guys. Com has received excellent reviews from the critics. Players from the United States, too, have given positive reviews for this game.

The game is appreciated for its similarity with the popular game shows such as Wipeout, Takeshi’s Castle; It’s a Knockout, etc. The game’s visuals are beautiful and engaging. It gives the players a similar feel that they might get while watching these shows.

The players are also praising the game’s ability to accommodate up to 60 players in each game.


Play Fall Guys. Com has always been one of the favorite knockout games among the players. Since the game is available on multiple platforms such as play stations, computers, and mobile, it grants the users the flexibility to choose the venue as per their comfort and play.  

Do let us know about your experience and any suggestions for Play Fall Guys. Com in the comments section below.

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