Paymybalance Scam 2020

Paymybalance Scam (Oct) Secure Bank Accounts And Money -> Read our post to know the scam-process and precautions to save money and time.

Have you recently received a call from a creditor asking for debt repayment? If yes, you need to cross-check the legitimacy of the creditor agency on search engines. Paymybalance Scam is doing rounds because the company has con-tricked millions of users. It is also noticed that some debtors are threatened to pay the money. 

The United States is shaking because of money scams performed by many companies and agencies. You should beware of on-going and previous money scams. It is among the reasons that potential debtors ignore taking loans from agencies and companies. Kindly read this post to know the reality.

How is it a scam?

Have you notices possible Paymybalance Scam? It is noticed that debt collectors from the pay-my-balance company call users. They listen to a recorded message from an automated voice. Besides, the executives trap you in account recovery services. Many users find the calls vague because the professional never mention your account-type and states that you are way behind your debt installment. 

How to recognize scams?

Meanwhile, several debt collectors connect with you to collect on genuine debts; many tricksters pose themselves as debt collection executives to lure you into paying debt money that may have been already canceled, paid, or never existed. We have listed eight ways under our Paymybalance Scam post to ensure you never get trapped into the con-tricks:

  • The agents ask you for essential information that they must already have 
  • The debt collection agents compel you to pay money right away
  • The executives ask you to wire-transfer the money
  • The executives never share their company’s information 
  • The executives threaten you with jail time
  • You are not familiar with the account or the creditor
  • You cannot locate a website through the phone number
  • Your credit report does not reflect the collection made by the scammer

How the Scam benefits tricksters?

The Paymybalance Scam poses a low-interest rate through which the tricksters lure frustrated credit card owners into the trap. They promise to reduce the credit card rates for paying off the differed balance effectively. 

How the Scam Functions?

You get a pre-recorded automated call from Paymybalance Scam, who states you qualified for a program, which will help you lower the interest rate and pay off the credit card bills. The executives will send you an email that instructs how you can pay the bills. It should be noted that this payment method and portal will be different from the authentic ones. 

How to detect the legitimacy of a debt collector?

You can note the below points to locate legitimate debt collectors

  • An authentic letter in your email account
  • Licensed debt collectors
  • Verified personal details mentioned by the collectors
  • Request debt information
  • Multiple payment methods
  • The agency works for your welfare

Final Verdict:

All details and precautions are listed in our Paymybalance Scam post. You can read them and share your views in the comment box.

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