Reviews 2020 Reviews [Nov] Complete Useful Information! >>The article mentioned above talks about a micro blogging site that allows the freedom of speech.

The internet is one place where one can freely express their opinion. Various sites allow you to connect with millions of other users. Well, most of you would have already heard about the United Statesbased microblogging site named 

At the same time, we think that there are a lot of rules and regulations that are imposed on social networking sites. While scrolling through Reviewswe found that this website doesn’t have stringent laws and regulations. It is a site that promotes free speech and is excellent for fostering uncensored speech.

What is

While searching for Reviews, we found that the microblogging site is available as a website as well as an app at Google play store. Also, this micro-blogging site is accessible at Apple stores. 

The USP of the website is that it promotes free speech, and it has given out various statements in the public such as they will allow the posts that have been banned or flagged harmful by other websites. 

Though, the site doesn’t allow terrorism, pornography, blackmail, or anything that threatens the law in any manner.

What is the vision behind

For Reviewsvarious policies state that it works on the constitution of the US. There are posts that are limited to 1000 characters that are allowed on the microblogging site. 

The user will have to open an account, and then they can follow each other on the microblogging site to view the posts of each other.

Though, the posts on this micro-blogging site appear chronologically.

Who are the primary users of Parler?

While researching for, we found that most of the users on this micro-blogging site are supporters of Bolsonaro, Donald Trump, etc. 

So, we found some level of extremism on the website. However, it is not something that everyone would want.

What are the people’s reaction to

When we found the authentic user reviews for Reviews, we found that most of the users are happy with the platform as they can voice their opinions without the fear of filters being on the forum. 

Though, some people are not satisfied with this platform as they think that this platform is not worth their time as they don’t believe in surrounding themselves with any extremism. So, we will say that the website has mixed reviews.

Final verdict:

Thus, for Reviewswe think that it is one website that promotes free speech like no other website with similar features. Though it is made with good intention, after opening the site, the user is likely to come across a lot of extremism on the website. 

Thus, we think that sometimes it is important to have filters as it helps in maintaining things in a typical fashion without harming anyone’s peace.

What is your opinion about the website? You can write to us in the comments section below.

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