Outlook Com Moe om (Nov 2020) Dive Into It! >> In this article, we will get the information about the website, an online learning portal working under the Ministry of education.  

Do you know what Moe stands for and what Outlook Com Moe Om is? Moe indicates for the Ministry of education. It is an educational portal of knowledge, learning, and sharing experience.

It doesn’t matter whether they are pupils, teachers, parents, and researchers, those who are interested can take the help of this website. The website is an online portal working under Oman‘s government body to achieve new educational process approaches with digital transformation.Let us discuss briefly more about Outlook Com Moe Om

What is the website?

As it is very clear from the “Our services” section, the educational portal aims to provide students’ services to teachers and from companies to public institutions. Whoever is interested can take help; it doesn’t matter whatever the level is. The site is based in the country of Oman.

The website has numerous services, selected systems, and mobile applications, which helps every field get knowledge and learning quickly and easily.Let us get to know some more details about Outlook Com Moe Om.

What are the specifications given on this website?

Some details have given below about this site: 

  • The URL of the website https://home.moe.gov.om/.
  • The map of the address is shown in the contact option to make it easy to search.
  • The email address is given as [email protected]
  • The website mentions phone number +968 24255552 to get in touch as quickly as possible.
  • Online Laws and regulations books are available in the library option so that the interested people don’t face any difficulty in finding books.
  • This site is accessible in two languages, such as Arabic and English as we get to know through Outlook Com Moe Om.
  • Mobile applications are also available to get easy access to services.
  • Distance learning programs are available for students.

What is people’s verdict about Outlook Com Moe Om?

There are some reviews available under the ‘ministry mobile application installation’ section. The verdicts are a mix. Some people are happy with the application’s functioning; some are not satisfied with the Ministry’s application. Some applications are not available on the play store to install. Also, most of the applications are in the Arabic language.


In a nutshell, we can say that Outlook Com Moe Om is a learning portal to promote and increase the level of educational services with the help of digital transformation. 

As we all know, Oman is a country that has faced hardship in the field of education. After 1970, they never look back and continue going ahead in full force in education. 

Though some of the information is given in Arabic, it is not easily understandable to everyone. The website is trustworthy because it is working directly under the government body. 

Post your opinions down in the comment Box about the Outlook Com Moe Om and let us help you to deal with all issues as arise. 

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