Otcnetwork Scam 2020

Otcnetwork Scam (Nov 2020) Explore the Cons. >> This article talks about the oct network, which is the most convenient way to buy products from listed stores.

Are you looking for information regarding the otcnetwork scam? If the answer is yes, you are in the correct place to get to know all the details regarding Otcnetwork.

The full form of OTC is Over the Counter program. 

It has been operated from the United States. The OTC network app is available in the Google play store and Apple store. Explore the article to know more about the Otcnetwork Product List.

OTC network app can be regarded as one of the easiest and fastest to find your OTC network’s card balance. Moreover, you can purchase all the eligible items which are mentioned in the OTC network card. The OTC network app was released in November 2018, and it has gained massive popularity among the people within a short time due to its convenience of work.

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How the Otc Network Program Works?

At first, you will get an OTC network prepaid benefits card in the mail, and it will be activated within a short while. But you must keep the OTC network card must be held in some safe place like a purse, wallet, or bag.

You have the option to purchase OTC items in two ways, like by purchasing OTC items from a participating retail store or medical store, or if you find it tough to go to the store, you can also buy the item with the help of OTC product catalog.

After that, place an order with your prepaid benefits card by contacting the retail store or visiting their official website.

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How Otc Network Card Works?

Firstly, you need to take your OTC card to the participating store from where you want to purchase the product.

Secondly, you have to select the item which you want to purchase from the store.

Thirdly, while purchasing the item, you can give the card to the store owner for payment, or you can swipe the card if the debit card machine is available to pay the money.

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What Kind of Stores Are Included in The Otc Network?

  • Drug source
  • CVS
  • Family dollar
  • Rite aid
  • Walgreen
  • Walmart

OTC Network Product List:

  • Batteries
  • Cold and allergy
  • First aid
  • Food care
  • Health support
  • Smoking deterrents
  • Vitamins and dietary
  • Weight management and nutritional food
  • Supplements
  • Sun and skincare
  • Physical exercise instruments
  • Skin and sun care
  • Digestive and diabetes health care
  • Eye, ear, and feminine care

Otcnetwork Scam:

Most of the persons who have used this service have given positive feedback regarding it, so otcnetwork scam cannot be treated as valid as they have mentioned all the details regarding their services.


OTC network app can be regarded as one of the easiest and fastest to find your OTC network’s card balance. Moreover, you can purchase all the eligible items mentioned in the OTC network card, and the customer reviews regarding the Otc network card are mostly positive. So, the issue of otcnetwork scam is not valid.

4 thoughts on “Otcnetwork Scam (Nov 2020) Explore the Cons.”
  1. It is a scam. I am told that the products I want to purchase are in many stores. But I have to buy the “approved ” brands and none of the stores carry those brands or if they do carry the correct brands, they do no recognize the card…they say they do not belong to OTC. So I have spend about 6 hours trying to use the card. I was told I could order items on line–that is NOT true according to the otcnetwork web page. It tells me what stores to go to, but again, THE BRANDS ARE NOT CARRIED BY THOSE STORES. It is going to these stores only to find the brand of product I have to buy to use the card is not there. Have called the customer service 4 times, and they just keep telling me to go to another store. Well how many do I need to go to that will have the brands they say I have to buy.

    1. I’m not impressed with this program. It is difficult to find a description of the products listed on their website, and it seems that the products are store specific, i.e., different stores carry different products – not many brand names.

  2. CVs accepts the OTC card .
    Hre are some of the products I purchase with it.
    q tips
    hylands products
    tums chewables
    glycerin suppositories
    eye drops
    ear drops
    saline spray for nose
    toothpaste toothbrushes
    epaom salts

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