Reviews 2020 Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Scam? >> In this article, the customers are educated about the profits and limitations of these products.

Are you spending a day relaxing on air beds? Well, Oneaonline satisfies the demand of the buyers who want designer and comfortable airbeds, air furniture, and much more for their homes.

Oneaonline says that it is a prestigious online site where the homeowners can purchase different types of air furniture, airbeds, boat set, and much more. You can also check Reviews and get to know whether these products suit your requirements.

People having homes in the United States like to have maximum comfort inside their homes. For them, buying air furniture, air beds, boat sets, etc. is a broader way to relax.

Many people like investing in inflatable furniture today. Buying classic furniture might cost you a fortune, but if you opt for inflatable furniture, you can get comparatively lower rates.

The facts and the information presented by us about this site will help to know Is Legit. 

What is Oneaonline?

Oneaonline sells the latest and much popular inflatable furniture that is widely used inside homes and offices.

The kinds of products available at Oneaonline are compact. You have to blow out the air and fold the same. Even your children can easily carry this kind of furniture from one place to another.

But please check Reviews that help you know the advantages and drawbacks of buying it.

Why is Oneaonline unique?

Oneaonline sells different air beds, air furniture, etc. to the people who want to revamp their homes and make it look more spacious. The company offers several deals like order products more than $100 and avail $8 off.

However, no details of the shipping charges are presented.

Specifications of

  • Product: Air furniture, air beds, boat sets, etc.
  • Website: 
  • Email:
  •  Parent company: Oneaonline 
  • Address: Not mentioned 
  • Contact number: Not mentioned
  • Delivery time: almost 3-7 business days
  • Shipping fee: Not mentioned
  • Exchange: available 
  • Returns: within seven days 
  • Refunds: within some days 
  • Mode of payment- PayPal only

Pros of purchasing from 

  • Different designs in airbeds

  • Hot -selling equipment at the site 
  • Payment through PayPal
  • Customers can say $8 on orders more than $100

Cons of buying from

  • No details about shipping policy
  • No “About Us” section 
  • Zero Reviews
  • No contact information presented 

Is Oneaonline Legit?

If you want to save huge dollars on buying classic furniture, then new and much durable air beds and air furniture are the wiser options. Oneaonline sells inflatable furniture that is quite trending among people. 

As compared to the other kinds of furniture available in the market, purchasing inflatable furniture is quite a cheaper option. The prices of inflatable furniture are quite less as compared to the wooden or other kinds of furniture. 

If you also want to revamp your home, then this kind of furniture is a good option. But before buying from Oneaonline, it is vital to check Is Legit.

What do people say about

Buying inflatable furniture as compared to other styles of furniture is a cheaper way to revamp your home. Moreover, maintaining inflatable furniture is an easy task.

Oneaonline claims to be a massive provider of airbeds, air furniture, above ground pools, etc. at the lowest prices. But in reality, it has not made any kind of information accessible to its customers. 

This portal is designed just a few weeks ago mainly to attract customers with deals and discounts. The products, though available on this portal, are useful and required in most homes, but Oneaonline is not a trusted website.

Zero Reviews is prompting buyers to purchase from here. The company has not provided any information concerning its location, return address, warehouse, etc. 

So we firmly believe that Oneaonline is not the right place to book an order.

Final Verdict:

The products that are presented for sale on Oneaonline don’t look real and genuine. It seems that the company has pasted the images from the internet rather than clicking photographs of the products they deliver. 

Also, on the home page, the Intex word is written, which creates many questions in the tentative buyers’ minds. 

We have examined in detail and initiated that even the same products are available on some other websites. So mostly, there are null chances that customers can get the ordered products delivered at their doorsteps, if they purchased from Oneaonline.

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