No Nut November Cancelled Due to 2020 (Nov) A New Shock! >> In this article, you explored the cancellation of an annual event due to 2020!.

Introduction: Have you heard about the cancellation of the NNN viral trend? If you have browsed over the internet, you must have seen the viral sensation of No Nut November Cancelled Due to 2020.

This article will provide you with all the details about the news that struck the internet about the holy month participated by the people in the United States.  

What is No Nut November?

No Nut November is the holy month of abstinence. It is the most frightening and dreaded event in the United States. In this event, the challenge encourages all the participants to resist masturbating and sex until December. 

It is celebrated every year. This annual event is a test and sign of strength and willpower. This month, men do shave their beards or facial hair. The challenge is to raise awareness of health problems in people, like prostate cancer.

The declaration of No Nut November Cancelled Due to 2020 has surprised many people who participate in the event every year.    

What not to do in No Nut November? 

  • Men cannot nut in this month
  • No exemptions for sex, birthday
  • The challenge begins at the end of the first day of November every year
  • The event ends in December

What does the participant do in No Nut November?

No Nut November is an event or challenge that was originated on the internet. People can participants need to give up sex, intercourse, and ejaculating for the entire month. It means men need to give up “busting a nut.”   

This event aims to give up all this for a month and adapt a new hobby or habit. However, the event has been cancelled for 2020 due to Covid-19.

Is No Nut November Cancelled Due to 2020?

People who make excuses for not participating in the event will not need any reason this year. It is because it has been announced that No Nut November Cancelled Due to 2020

The event is cancelled due to the outbreak of Covid-19, which has affected many people worldwide. Many events, festivals, celebrations have been cancelled all over the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many viewers are considering the cancellation, while others criticize as they had made up their mind to participate in this annual event.

Customer Reviews:

The internet has been flooded by the news of No Nut November Cancelled Due to 2020. Many people and internet communities are considering the event’s cancellation, while others are not accepting it.

Many people who had made up their minds to participate in this annual challenge are surprised by this cancellation.


No Nut November is a challenge for men to check his strength and willpower. In this entire month, men must not shave, sex, intercourse, or ejaculate. The event revolves around abstinence. 

However, the news has been a shock for the people who participate in No Nut November Cancelled Due to 2020 every year.

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