Nicfixdoctor com Reviews 2020

Nicfixdoctor com Reviews [Oct] Is This a Legit Website? -> Throw a light on the content to know about the reviews of Nicfixdoctor com, which sell a wide range of flavored puffs.

Are you interested in purchasing puffs, then let us explore Nicfixdoctor com?

In this content, we will explore the website and will answer the most important question that every customer wants to know whether the site is legit or not. We will also see Nicfixdoctor com Reviews. Before purchasing anything, online people are always eager to know the legitimacy of the website.

There are many websites available that sell puff bars with different flavors and people are always keen to purchase them. So, they always remain in search of new websites that sell puff bars at a reasonable price, provide on time delivery and heavy discounts.

People of the United State prefer to purchase puffs of various flavors via online mediums. So, today we are here to share the Nicfixdoctor com Reviews that people have shared online, and it will also help us to judge whether the website is legit or a scam.

So, readers carry on your reading to know your answer.

What is Nicfixdoctor com?

It is an online website that sells puffs of different flavors, and all puffs available are the best selling. From Cool mint puff to mango orange pomelo puff, it has a wide range of flavors. The website sells mainly four types of products, namely Puffs, Juul, Alto, Pop. 

The site shares its newly launched products as well as the best selling product details with proper and detailed information. 

The website offers the customer great discounts and buys one to get one free facility too.

So, to know more about it, let’s look out some of the specifications of the Nicfixdoctor com.

Specifications of Nicfixdoctor com

  • Type of website – online website that sells a wide range of puffs
  • Payment option – Not available
  • Delivery time – Not available
  • Shipping cost – Not available
  • Company email address- [email protected] Company address – Not available
  • Company contact number – Not available
  • Return – Not available
  • Refund – Not available

Pros of using Nicfixdoctor com

  • Puffs available are in different flavors.
  • The website provides products at a reasonable rate.

Cons of using Nicfixdoctor com

  • The website is not much active on social media.
  • Nicfixdoctor com reviews are not available as the website is quite new.
  • Proper information is not available on the website.

Is Nicfixdoctor com legit?

To say anything about the legitimacy of the website, we searched online this website on the basis of various factors. We saw that the about us page of the company does not contain enough information. Moreover, the address of the company, as well as a contact number, is also not available.

The website was launched on 6 October 2020. The website is not much active on social media as it has shared a few posts of puffs on Instagram. Moreover, it does not have any Facebook page. Additionally, the website also lacks Nicfixdoctor com reviews.

Due to incomplete information available on the website and being launched only some days back, the website is not active on social media currently and does not have reviews about the product. 

So the website is suspicious and too new to be judged. Customers need to wait for some time to purchase anything from this website.

What are people saying about Nicfixdoctor com?

Since the website is newly launched, so it lacks customer reviews. So, we searched this website on social media platforms to get an idea of whether the website is legit or not.

The website shares a few posts on instagram and has more than 500 followers. But reviews of the buyers are not available there. So, we cannot say anything about the website until we get the buyer’s reviews.


The website is new, as it was released on 6 October 2020. The website sells a wide variety of flavored puffs at a reasonable cost price and that too, with discount offers.

But the webpage of the website does not have enough information that can satisfy the customer. However, we are unable to comment on the legitimacy of the website as the website lacks Nicfixdoctor com reviews.

So, it’s my advice to customers to wait for some time to purchase anything from this website. Those who have already purchased, please share your reviews online. 

For now, we cannot comment on anything about the trustworthiness of the website.

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