Nano Air Face Mask Review [July] - Another Scam or Legit site

Nano Air Face Mask Review [July] – Another Scam or Legit site? -> In this article, you get to know about a face mask with nanofibre.

You might have bought a lot of face masks in this pandemic situations. But how about a change from your regular face masks. Now check out the new Nano Air Face Mask.At present this product is more popular in the United States, Philippines.As this mask is new in the market, not many Nano Air Face Mask Review are available online.

What is Nano Air Face Mask?

Nano Air Face Mask is a face mask used to protect you from respiratory viruses, infections, and pollutants caused by various sources in any environment. It is beneficial in public places where you got to interact with many people, who may be carrying some deadly diseases or some infection.
How can you use this mask? Just follow the given procedures. After removing the new mask from the packaging, you have to place it over the bridge of the nose and beneath your chin. 

You have to hook each strap around the back of your ears for a closed and relieved fit. To make the nose mould the contours of your upper part of the face.

You have to firmly press and form the nose piece of the mask with both hands. Then you have to cover the entire mask with both hands and make the adjustment to fit the lower half of your face assuring minimal air leakage.
How about value for your money? How can you be assured about your money if you buy from this website? Is Nano

Air Face Mask Legit?

Let us find more details about it in our Nano Air Face Mask Review.

Specifications of Nano Air Face Mask

Material- nanofibre material
Design-Ergonomical design for better comfort
Functions of the mask- surgical and Respiratory
Weight- Super lightweight 4.38 grams only
Filtration capacity- up to 0.3 𝛍m
Approving authority- FDA
Country of manufacture- America
Mode of payment on the website- Shop pay, Google Pay and Paypal

Pros of Nano Air Face Mask

  • It is American made nanofibre face mask.
  • Filters up to 95% of airborne particles and contaminants.
  • One can breathe easily while using this mask with lighter weight and thin material.
  • It is a disposable mask.
  • This mask meets all the standards and exceeds NIOSH performance requirements for N 95 certification. That makes this mask trustworthy and reliable.
  • The FDA clears these masks.
  • It has been designed especially to give users the best comfort and has a very high adhesion area at the bridge area of the nose, which results in anti-fog venting property, which helps to keep glasses or eyes wear fog-free.
  • Comfortable elastic ear bands.
  • This mask offers high permeability and no skin troubles.

Cons of Nano Air Face Mask

Many significant branded masks are available at much low prices on many significant online as well as offline stores.
It is fragile; people may accidentally crush or deform the cover, that will compromise the integrity of the protective membranes.

One shall not touch the mask’s surface while disposal procedure, which takes lots of practice.
Sometimes this mask may result in uncomfortable breathing to people who are in some severe medical conditions; they need to contact their consulting doctor or specialist on immediate bases and discontinue the use of this mask.
No communication channel is provided on the website.

Is Nano Air Face Mask Legit?

As this product and its website is new, we all may have this question. The site states about in business for the last 30 years. Still, company contact number is missing on the website, which makes contacting the company very troublesome. Nano Air Face mask does not seem legit. 
What are customers saying about Nano Air Face Mask?
As this mask is new in the market, no significant customer reviews are available online. There are no customer reviews available on the website of this mask as well.

Final Verdict

There are no communication channels of any means provided on the product website. You cannot connect to the company by any means. The company claims 30 years of market presence, but the domain name is just almost two and a half months old. 
Many good enterprises have also come online to sell goods needed in pandemic situations, and many scam sites have also surfaced. No debit cards or credit cards are accepted for payment on this site. These all conditions conclude that Nano Air Face Mask is not Legit.

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